North Sea Port to Introduce “Limited Increase” in Tariffs for Ships

“For 2019, these port dues undergo a limited increase that is about 25% below the expected inflation,” the port said.

As informed, the tariffs will be higher by 1.2% for Vlissingen and Terneuzen and by 1.8% for Ghent.

What is more, seagoing vessels that call at both the Zeeland and the Ghent parts of North Sea Port in one single voyage will get a 50% reduction from 2019 onwards. Until now, they had to pay twice — once for Vlissingen and Terneuzen and once more for Ghent.

Earlier this year, Zeeland Seaports and Ghent Port Company combined their operations into a cross-border port. At the time of the merger announcement, North Sea Port pointed out that the companies as well had to benefit from it. With these two measures – a limited price increase and a discount for a voyage in both parts of the port – North Sea Port said it is now “suiting the action to the word.”

Also, seagoing and inland vessels that meet certain environmental requirements and safety standards will receive discounts in 2019 as well.

Each seagoing or inland vessel that calls at North Sea Port, makes use of the port infrastructure or services has to pay port dues to the port company.

At this moment there are separate tariff regulations for the Zeeland and for the Ghent parts of the port area. The intention is to apply one single port regulation from 2021 onwards for the entire cross-border area of North Sea Port, the port further said.

Press Releases: North Sea Port

Photo Courtesy: North Sea Port

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