NYK Holds Annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference

NYK Holds Annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference

NYK Holds Annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference

NYK’s annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference was held at Tokyo in order to share awareness about safety and to review the trouble response for the dry bulk ships. The conference was attended by the 75 representatives from 41 Japanese ship owners and ship management companies.

Since 2010 this conference has been organized every year to discuss information related to the incidents that have happened with ship owners and ship management company members who are in charge of ship management. This is done in order to promote safety.

The main aim of the Dry Bulk Division is to become the world’s leading dry bulk fleet. In order to achieve this goal, the participants discussed and shared about the new technology that is being used to ensure safety and efficiency in operation.

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The topics that were discussed this year included the quality of the ship that is being demanded by global resources companies, the drive recorder that has been installed on the bridge in order to prevent accidents, the benefit of Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co. Ltd.’ New fuel oil additive that lowers sulphur and thereby help NYK Group to comply with the environmental regulations.

A strategy plan in order to achieve sustainable growth was announced by NYK in its medium-term management plan ‘Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green’ that was released in March. The NYK Group is ready to make efforts to provide safe and high-quality transportation, thereby taking steps against environmental along with various partners.

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