NYK’s New Low-Emission Methanol-Fuelled Chemical Tanker Powered By MAN ES

NYK’s New Low-Emission Methanol-Fuelled Chemical Tanker Powered By MAN ES

NYK’s New Low-Emission Methanol-Fuelled Chemical Tanker Powered By MAN ES

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Group) has delivered the Takaroa Sun. It is a methanol carrier that has two-stroke dual fuel engine technology. It helps the vessel to be powered by Methanol. Funded through the NYK’s green financing initiative which was made to support the eco-friendly projects was made at Hyundai MIPO Dockyard in South Korea.

The second generation B&M MELGIM two stroke dual-engines of MAN Energy Solutions were used to build the vessel. This engine runs on both methanol and conventional marine fuel.

In a long term time charter agreement that is between WFS and NYK Bulkkship (Asia) Pte. Ltd., an NYK Group Company based in Singapore, the vessel will be chartered to Waterfront Shipping Company Limited (WFS). A wholly owned subsidiary of Methanex Corporation, it is the largest producer and supplier of methanol in the world.

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“We are delighted to establish this relationship with WFS, which has expertise in methanol shipping, and we welcome our first methanol-fuelled vessel into our fleet. Making use of the NYK Group’s attentive, safety-focused vessel management featuring advanced, new technology, we plan to fully meet the expectations of WFS. We will continue to transport cargo for customers around the world by corresponding to individual demands and strengthening our knowledge of new technologies,” said Takeshi Kishi, managing director of NYK Bulkship (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Methanol as a marine fuel is safe, biodegradable and clean burning. It also complies with the regulations laid by the International Maritime Organization 2020 rules by reducing the sulphur oxides by about 99 percent. Methanol can be produced from renewable resources, thereby making way to meet the decarbonisation targets. To fulfil the IMO’s stringent Tier III regulation, it also has a processor that reduces the nitrogen oxides.

“We are very pleased with the performance of our existing methanol-fuelled vessels that have proven the safety and reliability of the technology. With the delivery of Takaroa Sun, we are continuing to benefit from innovative technological advances that will optimize performance and efficiency,” says Paul Hexter, President, Waterfront Shipping Ltd. “On an energy-equivalent basis, methanol is cost-competitive over the cycle and we see significant value creation opportunities from using a methanol flex-fuel engine.”

By means of long term contracts, NYX Group will secure business with stable freight rates. The company is committed to making a sustainable society where the negative impact on the environment is reduced by technology.

Takaroa Sun Vessel Particulars

Deadweight tonnage: 49,000 tons

Length overall: 183 meters

Breadth: 32.2 meters

Shipbuilder: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

Flag: NIS (Norwegian International Ship Register)

PR Reference: Nyk

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