Ocean Network Express Joins NYSHEX Expanding Carrier Network

Ocean Network Express Joins NYSHEX Expanding Carrier Network 1

Group of unique carriers that make use of NYSHEX has been joined by ONE so as to provide it’s customers with the ability to enter contracts that are digital and mutually enforceable.

More than 60% of the world’s capacity is presented by the leading 7 global ocean carriers on NYSHEX. The three container shipping alliances that are 2M, Ocean Alliance and THE Alliance are also represented by the member carriers. These alliances offer the NYSHEX shipper members with a wide range a service options to choose from.

“NYSHEX enables us to offer our customers an additional platform to contract with us, whereby the agreed terms are mutually enforceable. The guaranteed equipment, space and price that we offer through NYSHEX will help our customers to plan their supply chain and to lock in their transport costs up front. Having our customer’s commitment to show up with their cargo as contracted, allows us to optimize our network and more accurately plan our vessels, which in turn provides more cost effective and reliable services,” said Sundeep Sibal, Senior Vice President of Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic trade at ONE.

In the beginning, only some offers for the Transpacific Eastbound trade on the exchange will be posted by ONE from mid-December this year for sailings in January.

“We are thrilled to welcome ONE as a carrier member of the exchange. The ONE approach to container shipping today is refreshing and relevant, we look forward to the continued collaboration and innovation,” added Gordon Downes, CEO of NYSHEX.

The digital contracts that are made through NYSHEX have a fulfillment rate of 98.4% that further enhances the reliability for both shippers and carriers. Moreover, ONE is joining NYSHEX at a time when it is increasing the number of services that it provides.


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