ONE Conducts Global Safety And Quality Campaign

ONE Conducts Global Safety And Quality Campaign 1

Ocean Network Express Pte.Ltd. (“ONE”) commenced on a global Safety and Quality Campaign, starting from 1st September and will complete on 15th October 2018.

Executive officers and management involving in the campaign will be conducting vessel visits to emphasize the importance of navigation safety with the captain & crews and discuss what measures can be taken on board to achieve this goal.

“Marine Safety and Quality Management Review” conference chaired by ONE CEO Jeremy Nixon and attended by executive officers and management was held at ONE global headquarters in Singapore on 27th August 2018. Safety and quality status of our operating vessels/crews are discussed and prioritised as one of the most important parts of ONE product offering.

“Minimising risks to our vessels and cargos is a key responsibility for all our management and staff. Navigation safety is the dominant factor to deliver our customer’s cargoes safely on time.” said Jeremy.

Jeremy Nixon visited MOL CREATION (8,100TEU Container Vessel) on 13 September and NYK EAGLE (14,026TEU Container Ship) on 17 September. Jeremy said, “The officers and crews of our vessels are highly respected, and essential to the safe carriage of our customers’ cargos and they have a responsibility to protect the environment too”.

ONE pursues navigation safety as one of our core values to continuously deliver quality service to our valued customers.

Press Release: ONE

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