Pirates Board Bulk Carrier At Anchor, Abduct 9 Crew Members

Pirates Board Bulk Carrier At Anchor, Abduct 9 Crew Members

Pirates Board Bulk Carrier At Anchor

Pirates boarded the bulk vessel MV Bonita of JJ Ugland early Saturday morning off Cotonou/Benin when the vessel was at anchor. At the time when the ship was waiting for the berth to discharge the inbound cargo, gypsum, 9 crew members were taken off the vessel.

The local authorities were informed by the remaining members of the crew and Bonita arrived in Cotonou later the same day. As per the plans, the situations are being handled by the Ugland Emergency Response Team and the relevant authorities are in contact.

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Ugland has contacted the crew members and will keep them informed. No further comments will be made by Ugland for the well being of the crew members.


‘We can confirm that the captain of MV Bonita is one of the nine crewmembers taken off the vessel. Apart from this, we do not have any new information about the incident.

We are continuously working on the situation, and are doing our utmost to bring the nine crewmembers to safety. Their families will be gathered as soon as possible.

The remaining crew members onboard the vessel are all being cared for, and are in good condition despite of the circumstances. Should the remaining crewmembers wish to disembark the vessel, and go home, this will be accommodated.’

Reference: jjuc.no

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