Port Of Rotterdam Authority Intensifies Activities In India

Port Of Rotterdam Authority Intensifies Activities In India

Port Of Rotterdam Authority Intensifies Activities In India

The Authority of the Post of Rotterdam is trying has signed two Memorandums of Understanding, appointed a Representative Office in India and is supporting the establishment of a maritime university in collaboration with educational institutions in Rotterdam, in order to intensify the activities with the Indian parties.

“As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India is investing heavily in the development of seaports, industrial areas, and hinterland connections.

That makes India an interesting partner in the field of trade, maritime industry and education but also in the field of digital developments and innovations,” is the analysis from Rene van der Plas, the head of Port of Rotterdam International.

The growing role of India in maritime trade

The current Indian government is prioritizing the ‘ease of doing business’ and is encouraging manufacturers through the ‘Make-in-India program’. 95% of India’s trade volume is shipped overseas. The strategic location of India and the long coastline it has with major international trade routes makes it an important maritime country.

“Rotterdam already has a strong position in trade with India but we think there is still plenty of potential to enhance our profile in the market and increase our market share, particularly through growth in retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive accessories, and chemicals and pharmaceuticals,” explains Emile Hoogsteden, the director of Breakbulk and Logistics Containers.

Representative office with Broekman Logistics India

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has been performing activities like consultancy assignments attracting cargo in India for a few years now. The Authority of the Port of Rotterdam is hoping to improve its international activities more by appointing Broekman Logistics as the Representative Team in India. The activities will include consultancy assignments, selling of digital products, attracting investments and promoting maritime trade flows between India and Europe via Rotterdam.

Since 2006, the Broekman Logistics has been operating in India and has started its work as a Representative in October 2019. It has sixteen offices in different ports and trading cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Kolkata thereby, making it’s position strong. By present in India, it helps in getting the local knowledge and network which can be utilized to intensify its joint activities with the Indian parties.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Port Authority will also sign two Memorandums of Understanding. One will be with the Maharashtra Maritime Board and the other one with Kerela State Government.

These agreements are relating to the consultancy assignments for the maritime and the logistics and the digital change. These MOUs will complement the current agreement that is in between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Gujarat Maritime Board.

Foundation of the maritime university in Gujarat

The Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Dutch Shipping & Transport College are also being supported by the Authority of the Port of Rotterdam in order to give consultancy services for the development of a maritime university in Gujarat.

Reference: https://www.portofrotterdam.com/en

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