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Port Of Rotterdam Authority Introduces Application To Track & Trace Containers

Last updated on July 22nd, 2021

Port Of Rotterdam Authority Introduces Application To Track & Trace Containers

‘Boxinsider’ was launched by the Port of Rotterdam. The shippers and freight forwarders can use this application to see the location of their vessels at any time.

This is more reliable, user-friendly, and efficient than the approach that was being used till now and collecting information yourself from different sources.

“When I order a book online, I can almost follow the package live,” explains CEO Allard Castelein. “With Boxinsider, we are now presenting a similar solution for containers.

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By developing digital applications, we are making our port even more efficient, safer, and more reliable. Solutions like Boxinsider are good examples of this transition and so they are a perfect match with our ambition to be the world’s Smartest Port.”

Time-consuming and error-prone

Till now most shippers, freight forwarders, and other users collect information about the location of their vessel through different websites. This is not only time consuming but also prone to errors. It can also lead to errors in planning and thereby have costly consequences. However, Boxinsider will put an end to all of these. By taking in the status information from container vessels and inland and deep-sea terminals, it can help locate and track the ships, determine the expected and actual arrival and departure time of the vessels. It can also do this for the containers unloading and departures at container terminals. Warnings against delays or disruptions are also given to the users.

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Clear picture

The ‘launching customer’, ABC Logistics from Poeldijk has seen the benefits of this system. “Boxinsider gives us – quickly and with minimal effort – a clear picture of the containers that we can expect at the various Rotterdam terminals,” says account manager Remco Verwaal. “It really is a very user-friendly application.”

Although Boxinsider is a stand-alone application, however, by using a link it can be integrated with the existing system.

Reference: Port of Rotterdam

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