RINA Launches The First Digital Ship Notation; GNV Certifies Its Fleet

RINA Launches The First Digital Ship Notation; GNV Certifies Its Fleet 1

RINA, the classification, certification, inspection, testing and consulting multinational has launched the Digital Ship Notation, the first additional class notation available for shipowners willing to demonstrate the added value of their ship or fleet through the efficient use of digital technology.

GNV is the first company to receive the new notation, certifying 11 ships of its fleet, all equipped with a data collection system: the synergy with RINA, launched in 2012, has led to the development of the Digital Ship project on board of the GNV vessels, thanks to which an important path of fleet performance management has been launched.

The certificate will be assigned to ships fitted with a navigation and machinery data collection system that enables its transmission on shore. The information will be, then, stored in the RINACube platform.

RINA Launches The First Digital Ship Notation; GNV Certifies Its Fleet 2

RINA started the digital transformational journey when the company invested in the development of its own RINACube platform, launched in December 2017. The cloud-based platform is user-friendly and can gather and integrate data and digital assets from various sources. It is simple to implement inside a company’s existing digital ecosystem and interacts seamlessly with most common technologies on board.

Thanks to RINA’s Digital Ship Notation, owners will be able to have objective evidence of their effort to continuously monitor the ship and will have access the cost-saving opportunities given by the optimization of processes allowed by data analysis.

Mattia Canevari, Energy Manager di GNV, said “Also in the marine industry we are witnessing an increasingly accelerated process of digitization. Through a process of structured performance management and digital solutions of Advanced Data Analytics, GNV constantly monitors ship performances, optimizing in real time. The digital component has seen a rethinking of concept in a strategic way, as an added value to the company’s core business and it will assume ever greater importance in our processes. We are proud for the new RINA additional notation that confirms the good work done”.

Paolo Moretti, EVP Marine Strategic Development at RINA said “Digitalization is set to change the marine industry driving new levels of operational understanding while optimizing systems. As a class society, we recognize that the digital journey has only just begun but it is our firm intention to lead the shipping industry in the development and application of this technology to drive down costs and increase operational efficiency.”

RINA strongly believes that digitalisation will have a major impact within the shipping industry and that this type of notation could be included, in the future, as a requirement for the classification of newbuilds. This class notation marks the first step towards a new type of relationship between ship owners and class societies, working together towards an efficient, safe and sustainable shipping industry through the best use of data.

RINA will be attending SMM 2018 the international maritime trade fair in Hamburg on the 4th – 7th September 2018, Hall B4.EG Stand No. 310

Press Releases: Grandi Navi Veloc

Photo Credits: Grandi Navi Veloci

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