SHI And Samsung SDI Develop Korea’s First Marine Battery System

SHI And Samsung SDI Develops Korea’s First Marine Battery System

SHI And Samsung SDI Develop Korea’s First Marine Battery System

The ‘marine lithium-ion battery system’ has been jointly developed by Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung SDI.

On 29 July, SHI received a type approval certificate from DNV-GL for the first time as a domestic manufacturer and South Korean producer for the marine lithium-ion battery system, which was jointly developed with Samsung SDI.

SHI is likely to gain a competitive edge in the fierce market competition for orders for eco-friendly vessels with reduced prices and enhanced versatility.

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has successfully developed Korea’s first marine battery system, further enhancing its technological competitiveness in the eco-friendly vessel market.

The lithium-ion battery system developed by SHI & SDI reduces fuel consumption of generators by optimally controlling and managing onboard generators and power load. It is an eco-friendly technology that enables reductions in emissions of pollutant substances and in operating costs as well.

World over the trend of using battery systems as efficient auxiliary power units for large-scale commercial ships and offshore units is increasing with the rise in the global demand for environmentally friendly technologies.

After gauging the trend, SHI has teamed up with Samsung SDI, a global battery manufacturer, to jointly develop a lithium-ion battery system assuring high performance and safety from various hazards on-board, such as vibration, electromagnetic waves, dust, submergence, fire, etc.

Particularly, this type approval certification enables the company to produce a lithium-ion battery system at a reasonable price at home, instead of using costly lithium-ion battery systems predominantly supplied by large-scale equipment makers in Northern Europe where environmental regulations are stricter.

“The implementation of the recently developed modular battery system will provide high versatility to meet specific operational demands such as adjustment of battery capacity according to vessel size and power usage. Not only that, we will be able to achieve cost competitiveness by using a domestic system,” said Shim, Yong-Lae, Vice President of SHI Ship & Offshore Research Institute. “By securing the battery system technology applicable to all types of vessels, SHI will take the advantageous position in the competition for orders for vessels,” he added.

Meanwhile, SHI is now increasing the advancement of its unique eco-friendly technology; currently, joint research and development for a wider application of lithium-ion battery system-based energy storage system are ongoing.


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