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Study Demonstrates Improved Vessel Power Efficiency With PPG Marine Hull Coatings

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

Study Demonstrates Improved Vessel Power Efficiency With PPG Marine Hull Coatings

According to the study, PPG has announced that the ships that use their fouling release and antifouling coatings show better speed and power performance.

The study was conducted by PPG in collaboration with DNV GL that is a risk management and assurance service provider for the shipping industry of the world and is based in Oslo, Norway.

The hull performance analysis method that was developed by DNV GL was used in the study for studying the performance of the different major types of vessels. This comprises LNG carriers, bulk carriers, crude oil tankers and cruise vessels that make use of PPG antifouling and fouling release solutions in different operating conditions.

The results show excellent performance along with an average speed loss of less than 1.5% across the different types of ships and operational conditions. Better speed and power in comparison to the baseline sea trial conditions were seen in the vessels that use PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 1290 fouling release coating.

“This study provides additional confirmation that PPG fouling control products contribute to improved vessel performance,” said Tom Molenda, PPG global platform director, marine coatings.

PPG chose to collaborate with DNV GL because of the accurate vessel performance analysis method of the company which is better than that of ISO 19030 standard for the measurement of changes in the performance in hull and propeller. The testing method of DNV GL brings forward filtering and normalization methods that are advanced and thereby raise the usability of data and give results that are more accurate.

The results of the study were presented by DNV GL at the 4th annual Hull Performance and Insight Conference in Gubbio, Italy.

PPG SIGMAGLIDE and PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE marine hull coatings that were used in the study are a part of the fouling control product range of PPG. These coatings are designed to offer protection to the vessels from fouling under the most challenging conditions and environments.

Reference: ppg

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