Svitzer Signs Deal For Two Innovative Icebreaking Tugs

Svitzer Signs Deal For Two Innovative Icebreaking Tugs

Svitzer Signs Deal For Two Innovative Icebreaking Tugs

The world’s leading towage operator, Svitzer has announced about its new deal with Turkish shipbuilders Med Marine relating to two new ice-class tugs. These new 30m ice-class tugs are expected to be delivered by Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. The 30 strong fleet of towage vessels that are in Scandinavian and Germany will be them.

As per the requirements of Svitzer, the tugs have been customized across its Scandinavian operations. Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd has created the design of the new TundRA 3000. It also has a Finnish-Swedish ice-class 1A status which gives the ice-breaking capabilities. For the generation of all directional propulsion force, azimuth stern drive (ASD) will be used. The minimum bollard pull being 60 tons.

An ultrasonic anti-fouling system will be installed in the vessels’ box coolers and the hull. This will eliminate anti-fouling paints need which will further help in the reduction of impact on the local environment. For the impending MARPOL Tier III NOx regulations, they have also futureproofed the main engine rooms. Preparation for selective catalytic reduction technologies will be done.

The Svitzer’s oldest vessel Svitzer Helios and Svitzer Dynamic will be replaced with the new tugs. The Bullard pull for these are below 40 tons which makes the new design a definite upgrade compared to the old ones.

Speaking on the deal, Mattias Hellström, Cluster Managing Director, Scandinavia & Germany, Svitzer, said: “We are delighted to have closed this deal with Med Marine to build our two new custom-designed TundRA 3000 icebreaking tugs. In addition to upgrading our Scandinavian harbour towage fleet, this move also secures our long-term icebreaking capabilities in the region.

“The new arrivals will allow us to finally retire our last two conventional icebreaking tugs from the Scandinavian fleet, each after more than four decades of service. The new tugs are truly custom-designed for the requirements of the Scandinavia region, highlighting Svitzer’s commitment to pushing the boundaries for towage.”

R. Hakan Sen, CEO, Med Marine, said: “We are pleased to have signed this agreement with Svitzer to build two new icebreaking tugs for their Scandinavian fleet. As an organisation, Med Marine is committed to the highest standards, so it is a natural fit for us to work with Svitzer to build these new vessels at our group-owned Eregli Shipyard. We are excited to get to work and to deliver these vessels between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.”

The vessels will serve the ports of Denmark and Sweden which will be operating across Scandinavian. The vessels have been so built that they can easily navigate the Trollhatan’s locks which will enable ice breaking on both rivers as well as Lake Vanern.

Reference: Svitzer

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