Three New Damen Patrol Vessels For SR Platforms Achieve Major Milestones

Three New Damen Patrol Vessels For SR Platforms Achieve Major Milestones

Three New Damen Patrol Vessels For SR Platforms Achieve Major Milestones

FCS 3007 Patrol vessel has been launched by Damen Shipyards Group in cooperation with SR Platforms and the sea trial of two FCS 4008 has also been completed by it in just one week.

The number of Damen ships in the fleet of SR Platform is now four after its first FCS 3307 Patrol was delivered in October 2015.

After this, the contracts were signed with those for the vessels FCS 4008 in July 2019 and for the FCS 3007 in April.

There was rapid progress on the 4008 vessels because they were already available in stock at the Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam. Though the vessels were built in the usual format of Fast Crew Supplier, they were converted quickly to the Patrol specification and many other changes were made in order to suit the needs of the client.

The Damen Sea Axe design gives the Damen FCS 4008 Patrol high-performance seakeeping qualities like that of the Fast Crew Supplier range. This helps the ships have the top speeds of 29 knots and a range of more than 2,000 nautical miles in those sea states where other vessels of the same size would slow down.

The large space for accommodation and the deck of 140m² aft helps in including various support services in the patrol duties of the vessels like the transportation of personnel and cargo plus, with the proper equipment fitted, firefighting and oil spill recovery. The defensive features comprise an internal citadel that can protect those onboard from small arms fire.

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Babatunde Aiyenuro, managing director of SR Platforms said: “Following the success of Mediator, our first FCS 3307 Patrol, we chose to work again with Damen, based on the quality and reliability of their vessels, and their excellent after-sales service. We look forward to Mediator II, Mediator III and Mediator IV joining our fleet.”

Damen regional director Harm Blaauw added: “We worked very hard to secure these contracts, well aware that our competitors were as keen as we were to win their business. In the end, it was down to the quality of our products, plus the good relationship that we had already developed with SR Platforms. At a recent meeting with Mr. Babatunde Aiyenuro, he was kind enough to confirm that they intend to remain with Damen in the future.”

The two Damen FCS 4008 Patrols will be deployed immediately after their delivery as fast support intervention vessels under a contract with a key international oil company.

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