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Unified Command Continues For Capsized M/V Golden Ray Incident Response Crew

Last updated on April 1st, 2021

Unified Command Continues For Capsized M/V Golden Ray Incident Response Crew

The source of the white smoke on board the motor ship Golden Vessel has been stabilized by the response crew of Unified Command. They will continue to monitor the situation closely all through the evening along with safety boats and a tugboat that is equipped with equipment of firefighting. No signs of impact have been shown by the air monitoring around the vessels and in the community.

To make sure that the responders and the surrounding community is safe, the representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard, the State of Georgia, Gallagher Marine Systems, and other local partners work continuously. The 150-yard safety zone that is around the Golden Ray is still in effect and the incident has also not affected the commercial traffic. The cause of the smoke still remains unknown.

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Update (10/12/19):

The lightering of the forward fuel oil tanks on board the M/V Golden Ray has been completed by the Unified Command. More than 225,000 gallons of fuel have been removed till now. The lightering of the left fuel and lubricant tanks still continue.

The maritime experts who are engaged in the response have found out that it will not possible to the right and refloat the vessel in a completely intact condition. Plans are being made to remove all the M/V Golden Ray’s hull, components, and cargo by dismantling the vessel by the Unified Command. It is a complex however, the additional information regarding the plan for removal and the expected timeline will be shared when available to the public.

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Throughout the removal operation, the pollution mitigation and response efforts will go on.

The safety of the resonders and the public, the environment and the removal of the complete vessel are the top priorities of the Unified Command. All the forces that are involved in the process are committed to complete the operation successfully.


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