USCG Responds To Oil Discharge In Honolulu

USCG Responds To Oil Discharge In Honolulu 1

The Coast Guard is responding to an oil

discharge near Pier 19 in Honolulu, Thursday. On Wednesday, a report about heavy oil discharge while bunkering operations with a barge was received by the watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Honolulu from the Kamokuiki vessel’s master.

The discharge was secured immediately and the Vessel Response Plan was activated by the crew after which they started the clean-up operations.

25 bales of absorbent material have been deplyed that streches from the stern of the vessel to Pier 22 by the representatives of Pacific Environmental Corporation and Marine Spill Response Corporation.

1600 feet of hard boom was deployed around the 25 bales of absorbent material and spilled oil and two response ships also arrived on the venue.

An overflight was done by a Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew over the affected area and confirmed that oil had leaked out of the contained area and was coming ashore near Coast Guard Base Honolulu on Sand Island.

The affected area is still being cleaned. As of now, two barrels of oil had been recovered by the absorbent material and about 40 gallons have been cleaned by the skimmers that have been put up in the region.

There are no reports that the wildlife has been effected.


Reference: coastguardnews

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