Wärtsilä is moving to Salmisaari on 5 November

Wärtsilä is moving to Salmisaari on 5 November 1

The over 500 employees of the technology group Wärtsilä working in the capital city area will move to modern offices in Salmisaari on 5 November. Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus, at Hiililaiturinkuja 2, features the latest smart real estate technology to ensure the best employee and customer experience. The move supports new ways of working and promotes the company’s capabilities to succeed globally as an innovative and customer centric technology service company.

Wärtsilä’s personnel were closely involved in giving ideas for the premises, which have been completely renewed during the past year. Fixed workstations have been replaced by various functionality-based areas with consideration for different work practices: spaces supporting collaboration and interaction, silent work areas, spaces suitable for ideation and innovation, as well as telephone booths and rooms suitable for work requiring concentration are available. There is also more space now than in the previous locations in Hakaniemi and Lauttasaari, altogether nearly 11,000 square metres.

With the SmartHouse virtual office, finding colleagues and free spaces, as well as reporting feedback and any disturbances related to the premises becomes easier. The virtual office can be monitored from your own device and via the touch screens on the floors. Everyone has the possibility to create an avatar, or virtual representation, for themselves, showing their position in the virtual office, excluding the social rooms. Usage-based information on the functionality of the premises is received at the same time, enabling the further development of the premises in the future.

The property’s building management systems measure the indoor air conditions and energy consumption and adjust the lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling, so that good working conditions are ensured. The data is also available to the personnel in real time. The electricity used by the property is Environmental electricity, which is produced with renewable, clean natural resources – sun, water and wind. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the property complex to produce extra power.

Wärtsilä Experience Centre, utilising the latest audiovisual technology, has been created in conjunction with the reception. In the dark, 250-square-metre exhibition room, our customers, personnel and other stakeholders get to experience how Wärtsilä’s smart technological products and innovative solutions work. The virtual reality enables, for example, visiting a power station or a cruise ship, and the real-time remote control of engines can be observed through an interactive presentation.

“The first pilot movers, over 80 people in total, have already worked for two months in the new premises. Their feedback has been very positive and encouraging. I believe we have succeeded in creating a working environment that enables new, modern work practices, even better and more efficient cooperation over organisational boundaries and, what is most important, a workplace that is pleasant to come to,” says Päivi Castrén, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, who was responsible for the project.

From 5 November, the new contact information for Wärtsilä in Salmisaari, Helsinki, is:

Visiting address:
Hiililaiturinkuja 2
00180 Helsinki

Mailing address:
PO Box 1834

Invoicing addresses will remain unchanged.

Press Releases: Wärtsilä Corporation

Photo courtesy: Wärtsilä Corporation

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