Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings – keeping you in operation

Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings – keeping you in operation 1

Frequently ships are withdrawn from operation owing to a grounding, collision or major breakdown with three to four ships running aground across the globe every day. On the whole, incidents occur as a result of human error, inadequate information on ports, bad weather conditions or other unexpected events. A single accident can incur significant costs and damages and impact on professional reputation. To mitigate risks and recover vessels from various incidents or maritime accidents, Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings offers a range of specialist services. Our teams can help reduce damages and ensure safer operations for the future.

Seals and bearings services for when you need them most

In the event of a grounding, collision or major breakdown, a quick and targeted response is crucial. Critical work can include replacing or repairing rudders, rudderstock bearings, shafts, stern tubes or stern tube bearings.

Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings can also carry out inspections of propellers, perform alignment checks and even install a portable condition measurement system onboard the vessel – an innovative system providing detailed visibility of vessel health. This technology can detect faulty alignment and determine how equipment is performing. It also acts as an additional alarm system and determines true alignment after the next voyage.

“Seals and bearings services related to groundings, collisions and major breakdowns can range from the inspection, repair and replacement of components to investigation services or providing a complete turnkey project,” says Rene Bertelsen, Alignment and Shaft Line Repair Services Sales Manager at Wärtsilä. “The scope of the work depends on the needs of the vessel and extent of the incident. We always want to minimise vessel downtime and off-hire. In the beginning of the project, our experts evaluate what repair services could be carried out underwater by our specialist diver technicians, thus reducing the need for dry docking.”

Project management is of the essence in evaluating and carrying out the work. A full-service team oversees the entire process of coordinating spare parts for owners, shipyards and different stakeholders, ensuring all aspects of shaft line repair work for seals and bearings is covered.

Efficient project management – the secret to success
Coordination is essential for ensuring an incident is placed under control quickly and effectively. Efficient project management also enables vessel operators to consider all aspects of maritime safety and prevent future scenarios.

“An important part of these services is the coordination of all work to make sure that it is carried out on time and in the best interest of all parties involved,” says Bertelsen.

“Having a one-point coordination for repair work also includes receiving recommendations and statements for classification societies and insurance agencies. Coordinating work on-site is also crucial for ensuring that the work is always up-to-date and efficient.”

“The smooth management of accidents reduces possible damages and minimises downtime. This goes hand in hand with maintaining credibility in the industry – something that cannot be priced high enough.”

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