Wärtsilä to endorse women for peace

Wärtsilä to endorse women for peace 1

As part of its commitment to sustainability Wärtsilä has partnered with CMI (Crisis Management Initiative), an independent non-profit organization, which works to resolve conflicts and to build sustainable peace since 2011. We continue the cooperation by participating in CMI’s new Make Room for Women campaign, that is planned for September-October 2018. The campaign’s key purpose is to promote a more active role for women in peacemaking negotiations. According to CMI, only 8 per cent of peace negotiators and 4 per cent of signatories of peace agreements are women.

“Too often, only a fraction of those who are affected by a conflict get their voices heard in the peace process. Too often, such a process fails to establish lasting peace. CMI believes that lasting peace can only be achieved through the involvement of wider society, both men and women. By supporting CMI’s work in mediation and dialogue, Wärtsilä is making room for women in peace processes”, states the CMI’s Executive Director Tuija Talvitie.

As part of this campaign, CMI points out the contradiction when it comes to relation of women and peacemaking: Women are the largest group to be systematically affected by violent conflicts and yet to have the least say in their resolution. One of the guiding key principles of CMI’s work is inclusion. With the expertise in inclusive mediation and dialogue, CMI is aiming to increase the number of women participants in peace processes to 30 per cent.

“If we miss out on half of the world’s population, we miss opportunities for a better peace. Let’s make room for women at the peace table”, Talvitie points out.

“Over the years, CMI has opened a fine avenue to link Wärtsilä’s global code of conduct and sustainable business practices to the wider society. By joining this campaign, we want to endorse diversity as a critical element of social responsibility. We are proud to support CMI in its important work for a better world”, says Atte Palomäki, Wärtsilä’s EVP, Communications & Branding.

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