Wilhelmsen’s Latest Rope Technology Pulls Industry Towards Safer Era Of Vessel Mooring

Wilhelmsen’s Latest Rope Technology Pulls Industry Towards Safer Era Of Vessel Mooring

Wilhelmsen’s Latest Rope Technology Pulls Industry Towards Safer Era Of Vessel Mooring

In spite of the industry putting in different efforts, the mooring was still a task that is very risky. Serious and fatal accidents keep happening very frequently which still is not seeming to end.

It is not possible to calculate how the fiber ropes will behave when they fail. However, a unique solution has been developed by Wilhelmsen Ships Service which will decrease the recoil or snap back the potential of the rope.

The Snap Back Arrestor (SBA) is an energy-absorbing core that is placed in the Timm Master 12 strand plaited, mixed polymer rope of the company. In case of the breakage of the outer, load-bearing construction, the snapback forces are absorbed by the SBA thus, changing then to just a slump from a possible snap.

After the seven years of development, the Timm Snap Back Arrestor is the first of its kind. After a trial and error of about 25 different variants of the system being put through their paces in over 120 different tests. However, the viable variant was found in 2016 and the SBA solution of Wilhelmsen was verified by DMV GL in May 2016.

genuine market first. The result of a laborious process of trial and error, 25 different variants of the system were put through their paces in more than 120 different tests. Finally identifying a viable alternative in early 2016, DNV GL verified Wilhelmsen’s SBA solution in May 2016. Ever since then the Timm Master 12 SBA has been tested and has successfully passed both TCLL testing and OCIMF MEG4 tests, in both dry and wet conditions.

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Veronika Aspelund, Business Manager, Ropes, Wilhelmsen Ships Service says, “The Snap Back Arrestor is a massive step forward in maritime rope safety, significantly mitigating the considerable risks personnel are exposed to during mooring”.

Adding, “Using the same material composition as our best-selling premium Timm Master 8 rope, Timm Master 12 SBA is buoyant, light, reliable, features anti-twist colors and offers one of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market. These are all, of course, great selling points, but the safety element hidden within its core is truly unique and could quite literally be a life-saver”.

Timm Master 12 SBA that has been tried, tested and approved by DNV GL is made in compliance with ISO 9554:2010 and ISO 10556:2009 and tested according to ISO 2307:2010. Tests have also been conducted according to the new 4th Edition of the OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines.

The Snap Back Arrestor technology that is used in the Timm Master 12 will be introduced in the whole 12 strand range of Timm.

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