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World Maritime Day 2019 – Empowering Women In The Maritime Community

Last Updated September 19, 2019

World Maritime Day 2019 – Empowering Women In The Maritime Community

“Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”, is the theme for World Maritime Day this year. The objective behind this is to raise awareness about gender equality which has also been mentioned in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It is also significant as it will help highlight the important yet underutilized contribution of women in the marine sector.

Women’s empowerment is necessary for every Nation and sector. It helps in multiple ways by making shipping safe, secure, clean and sustainable.

​The World Maritime Day Parallel Event 2019 is being held in Cartagena, Colombia, 15-17 September 2019.

The Parallel Event is hosted in different countries each year. This acts as a platform to bring together people from different communities and thereby discuss concerns related to the maritime sector. Keeping this year’s theme in the spotlight, issues related to maritime women will be given importance.

The event was opened by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim. The program and agenda for the 2019 Parallel Event include speakers from IMO, Colombia, the World Maritime University; the maritime industry and others. Panel discussions will cover women in the maritime community; the UN SDGs and ocean governance from a maritime perspective; and the maritime industry in the era of new technology.

Though the shipping industry has been male-dominated for years, IMO believes that participation in women will make it even better. IMO encourages it’s member states to train women along with men in maritime institutions. IMO believes in gender equality and supports their empowerment. It also urges nations to facilitate women with high-level technical training, to make an environment where women are given opportunities to be selected in the maritime sector.


PR Reference: IMO

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