World Maritime Day: Supporting Gender Equality, Empowering Women

World Maritime Day: Supporting Gender Equality, Empowering Women

World Maritime Day: Supporting Gender Equality, Empowering Women

The World Maritime Day was celebrated by the IMO and the global maritime community on the 26th of September with the theme Empowering Women in the Maritime Community.

Gender equality has been recognized as one of the key platforms on which people can build a sustainable future. It is one of the 17 goals that underpin the UNs Sustainable Development Agenda, which countries all over the world have pledged to implement, said IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim.

Helping our Member States achieve the SDGs and deliver the 2030 Agenda is one of our key strategic directions. Gender equality and decent work for all are among those goals SDGs 5 and 8- and, although we are highlighting the role of women in the maritime community this year, I want to stress that this is part of a continuing, long-term effort in support of these objectives, Mr. Lim said.

IMO’s Gender Programme To Increase Visibility For Women In Maritime

Throughout the year many activities have taken place that proved that for the sustainability of the maritime industry, women empowerment is very important. The industry requires diversification in its workforce.

IMO has invited the shipping industry to show their contribution in women empowerment and towards the SDG 5 on equality of gender. They asked them to post pictures, stories, and messages that support the cause on social media with the hashtags, #WorldMaritimeDay, and #WomeninMaritime.

In order to support the empowerment of women in the maritime world, the IMOs Women in Maritime programme includes providing gender-specific fellowship, providing high-level technical training for women in developing countries, making an environment for the women to be identified and selected for career development in marine administrations, ports and establishing maritime training institutes.

Women in the maritime world today are strong, powerful and constantly challenging old-fashioned perceptions. Experience tells us that diversity is better; its better for teamwork, better for leadership and better for commercial performance. The maritime world is changing and for the better. With help from IMO and other organizations, exciting and rewarding career opportunities are opening up for women. And new generations of strong and talented women are responding. They are proving that in today’s world the maritime industries are for everyone. Its not about your gender, it’s about what you can do, Mr. Lim said.

Mr. Lim urged all member States to work towards gender equality and women empowerment in the maritime sector.

Source: IMO

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