World’s First Zero Emissions Workboat To Be Developed By Artemis & Tuco

World’s First Zero Emissions Workboat To Be Developed By Artemis & Tuco

World’s First Zero Emissions Workboat To Be Developed By Artemis & Tuco

Artemis Technologies will integrate the new electric eFoiler propulsion system into an 11m carbon fibre vessel in collaboration with Tuco Marine Group. This will serve as an example vessel that will be a proof of the concept for this innovative technology which Artemis Technologies and Tuco Marine Group will market to the marine trade.

The hydrofoils and propulsion system for this proof of concept vessel will be made and assembled in Belfast Harbour which will followed by a multi-million-pound investment in the project.
Artemis Technologies, Chief Executive, Iain Percy OBE, double Olympic Gold medallist and veteran of four America’s Cup challenges, said, “This Joint Venture with Tuco Marine Group will introduce our unique foiling solutions to the workboat market which could now benefit from zero emissions and fuel savings of up to 90%.

“Last year when we announced our plans to create a new advanced manufacturing facility in Belfast, we laid out our commitment to developing technology that will decarbonise maritime and plans for the development of an ‘autonomous sailing vessel’. This electric foiling technology is the next natural stage of this project and a step in the right direction to realising our vision.
“As the first-ever electric foiling solution for vessels, this is a truly transformative project and it is incredibly exciting to be part of one of the solutions to climate change.

“The technology is perfect for those requiring high-speed vessels with minimal environmental impact. Initially targeted at the Aquaculture, Off Shore Energy, Water Taxi, Leisure and Defence sectors, the proof of concept for the technology will provide an immediate route to market.

“Integrating our new electric eFoiler propulsion system into a composite autonomously controlled hydrofoil presents a scalable solution that can be applied to much larger vessels such as high-speed passenger ferries.

“Belfast’s rich maritime history provides the perfect setting to play a role in the development of such technology and we’re incredibly excited as to what this project will mean for our future as a company and in Northern Ireland.”

“Decarbonisation of Maritime Transportation – a Return to Commercial Sailing” bid led by Artemis Technologies was the only application from Northern Ireland and from the maritime industry that was chosen for the next stage of the UK Research and Innovation’s Strength in Places Fund.

In spring 2020, the recipients of the major seedcorn program will be announced and if it is successful, over £30m will be received by the Belfast Maritime Consortium for its plan towards decarbonization of maritime transportation.

Jonas Pederson, Managing Director at Tuco Marine, said, “We aim to manufacture world-class workboats and adding Artemis Technologies’ superior foiling and propulsion technology will further improve our product offering.

“Whilst Tuco Marine has the knowledge and technology to build carbon fiber vessels, getting these boats foiling is a significant stride in reducing emissions on the water.
“Our lightweight structures are built for speed and even with this new technology, this is not compromised.

“Reducing emissions is a huge focus for the maritime industry and we’re thrilled that this partnership with Artemis Technologies allows us to play a role in shaping what is undoubtedly the technology of the future.

“We look forward to continuing our Joint Venture with Artemis Technology and marketing this technology to industries for which workboats are essential.”

Reference: Artemis

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