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World’s Merchant Fleet In 2018 – Structure And Characteristics Of Fleet And Its Performance

Last updated on November 23rd, 2019

A picture of the merchant fleet of the world in 2018 has been presented in this report which has been derived from the data that is available in the database of Equasis. The structure, features and the performance of the fleet has been examined in the study.

The statistics have been divided into themes that can benefit the industry and regulators.

The themes are as follows:

The Merchant Fleet Population

Classification Societies


Port State Control

Vetting Programs and Trade Associations.

OVERVIEW Equasis has data from almost all the merchant ships of the world. The basic ship details are derived from IHS Markit Maritime & Trade’s commercial database.

When seen from a commercial and regulatory viewpoint, the size and type of the ship are the two major criteria and thus, the statistical analysis of the entire report is based on these two elements. For the “Port State Control” theme the division of the ships will be done based on ship type categories derived from PSC databases. The document for the first time also includes information about the fishing vessels that are operates internally and are over 100GT with an IMO number. Thus, the figures from the previous year must be used cautiously when comparing because this report has added more than 25,000 ships to Equasis. 21% of the ships that are in the database are showed by these vessels. About one fifth of these vessels are more than 500GT and are thus included, where appropriate, in the statistics following Section 1.



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