Yamal LNG Receives All Fifteen Arc7 Ice-Class Tankers

Yamal LNG Receives All Fifteen Arc7 Ice-Class Tankers 1

The operational start of the new Arc7 ice-class LNG tanker “Yakov Gakkel” which presents the fifteenth and final Arc7 ice-class tanker that was built particularly for the project has been announced by the OAO Yamal LNG (“Yamal LNG” and/or the “Project”).

The 345th cargo has been loaded by the “Yakov Gakkel” in the Sabetta port that is bound to China.

The Arc7 ice-class fleet of the project has the capability to transport all the LNG that has been produced provided the raised performance of the first three LNG trains and the planned launch of Train 4.

With the availability of all 15 Arc7 ice-class tankers, more opportunities for the optimization of the logistics of the Project for both westbound and eastbound comprising the usage of the Northern Sea Route more broadly from 2020.

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Reference: yamallng.ru

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