ZEAMARINE Receives Largest Contract For BHP Flank Project

ZEAMARINE Receives Largest Contract For BHP Flank Project

ZEAMARINE Receives Largest Contract For BHP Flank Project

Schenker Australia Pty Limited awards a large ocean transportation contract to ZEAMARINE for the BHP South Flank Project in Western Australia. The project scope emphasizes on the transportation of approximately 450,000 freight tons from China to Port Hedland, Western Australia, with the majority of the cargo being heavy and oversized modules.

For the execution of the project, ZEAMARINE will be utilizing its newly-built ZEA 14k-900 vessel type. The F-900 vessels were delivered between 2018 and 2019 and are among the most fuel-efficient and technologically advanced multi-purpose tonnage on the water today.

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“We are extremely proud of this major award, which represents the largest contract awarded to ZEAMARINE since its inception. The ZEA 14k-900 vessel class has proven again to be a valuable asset and we are pleased that our clients recognize the value of these modern and ecologically-friendly vessels,” Dominik Stehle, Chief Commercial Officer at ZEAMARINE, commented.

The BHP South Flank Project will become one of the largest integrated mine sites in the world which are located in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Frank Vogel, Director Projects at Schenker Australia Pty Limited, said: “After an extensive and competitive RFQ process, we selected ZEAMARINE due to its brand new fleet of environmentally friendly vessels that will be utilized for the project, as well as the overall execution proposal offered by ZEAMARINE. On behalf of our client BHP, we look forward to a successful partnership with the ZEAMARINE team and seamless execution of the module shipping program to the highest safety and environmental standards that are available in the heavy-lift market today”.

Reference: zeamarine.com

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