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AAL Bangkok Loads 12 Floating Crafts, Including 51-Meter Superyacht

Last updated on December 19th, 2019

The perfect solution for ocean transport has been offered by AAL Bangkok for one of the leading yacht transport and boat shipping company which represents a particular group of private owners who want a Caribbean climate for their pleasure cruising this winter.

A compiled cargo of 12 floating cargo was loaded on the special heavy lift S-Class vessel of AAL in Genoa, Italy. It was then transported successfully to the Virgin Islands and Port Everglades.

The 3,500m2 cargo had a 51-meter superyacht that weighted 400t, which proved short work for the Bangkok’s heavy-lift cranes and their combined 700t max lift.

The Chartering Manager of AAL, Pavao Kopic, said that because of the cargo’s nature and value, AAL has been chosen by the customers for it’s reliable track record and the high lifting capability and cargo intake volume of the S-Class fleet.

The expanding Europe-US service of AAL which has the options of multiple tonnage and regular sailings was used for the transportation of the cargo.


Reference: AAL

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