“K” Line To Install Alcohol Detector Linked To Smartphone On Board Fleet Vessels

“K” Line To Install Alcohol Detector Linked To Smartphone On Board Fleet Vessels 1

In order to make navigation safer by enforcing strict alcohol management on board, alcohol detectors that are linked to a smartphone are being installed in vessels that are managed by “K” Line. It is developed by Pai-R Co.Ltd.

Alcohol detector is connected to the smartphone to launch the respective application and then one can blow into the detector. The face photo of the subject that is being tested is taken automatically and is then sent to the onshore cloud through satellite communication along with the result of the test.

The shore server saves and manages this detection data and the vessel management and the shore office can then analyse and confirm. If alcohol is detected then an alert will be sent to the registered email address which will start the monitoring of the alcohol test on the vessel in that actual time.

With this system it is expected that there will be an improvement in the management of alcohol and thus, a decrease in the workload that will have it’s contribution to Work Style Reform on the vessels in comparison to the old methods of alcohol testing like the use of simple alcohol detectors and the management of the record of test results by crew.

The aim is to continue the installation from November 2019 and have it installed in all the “K” Line managed vessels by the first half of 2020.


Reference: kline.co.jp

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