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Kontainers Releases SaaS eBook To Take Forwarders Into The Digital Future

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

Kontainers Releases SaaS eBook To Take Forwarders Into The Digital Future

The “Ten SaaS tools that will take your forwarding business into the next decade” eBook has been published by the leading e-commerce software provider of the world. It is designed to facilitate the forwarders and freight brands to understand the SaaS tools and the value of their business in this digital age.

A highly scalable, cost-effective option is SaaS which has minimal downtime. A seamless transfer of data by means of APIs is offered by it. It provides the quality that suits the nature and structure of the global forwarding business.

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“SaaS offerings will be the cornerstone of digital success in freight technology in the next decade. We’ve entered a golden age of accelerated digitalization led by the largest freight brands such as Maersk and Kuehne + Nagel. SaaS tools will help transform forwarding businesses enabling them to compete and offer differentiated services. The ten SaaS tools we’ve outlined in this eBook can be easily implemented to digitalize a forwarder’s operations, marketing initiatives and deliver an enhanced customer experience,” said Graham Parker, CEO and co-founder of Kontainers.

SaaS solutions will be a benefit for all size companies. By integrating and using the data generated the operational efficiency can be increased, new and unique business offerings can be devised, help in better decision making and the customers can be given the best experience.

Reference: Kontainers

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