MAN Energy Solutions pledges incentives to stimulate decarbonization

MAN Energy Solutions pledges incentives to stimulate decarbonization 1

At the fourth Naftemporiki Shipping Conference, held in Athens earlier this month, Wayne Jones OBE, Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Executive Board, MAN Energy Solutions, pledged the company to incentives to stimulate decarbonization.

“From the engine-maker’s point of view, one of the biggest challenges is to reach agreement on which fuel to use, one that will meet not only the regulations of today, but those of tomorrow,” Jones told a panel discussion on decarbonization and future fuels. “What will everyone use in the future or will there be a myriad of fuels? For me, the only way forward is to go with gaseous fuels – and the infrastructure will follow in due course.

“MAN Energy Solutions believes fully in its technology, to the extent that we pledge to subsidize the first 10 shipowners that convert their engines to LNG or a gas-derived fuel – up to a cumulative total of EUR 2 million – because I think someone has to stimulate the industry to think more holistically and long-term.”

Jones’ statements in Athens tie in with MAN Energy Solutions’ belief that it is time for what it calls a “Maritime Energy Transition” to find clean, decarbonized solutions for seaborne trade and transportation. Essentially, it is the company’s call to action to reduce emissions and establish natural gases as the fuels of choice in global shipping. It strongly promotes a global “turn to gas,” driven by the IMO, and a common approach by the shipping industry and political leaders to invest in infrastructure development and retrofits.

To date, MAN Energy Solutions’ entire portfolio of dual-fuel engines has won almost 400 projects in total, all running on clean fuels such as LNG and LPG.

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