Port Of Tallinn To Construct An Environmentally Friendly Cruise Terminal

Port Of Tallinn To Construct An Environmentally Friendly Cruise Terminal 1

The public procurement of the new-state-of-the-art cruise terminal that is in Old City Harbour and the promenade that is in the border of the port has been announced by the Port of Tallinn.

A multifunctional cruise terminal that will be built in the surrounding of the cruise berth of the Old City Harbour will utilize solutions that are energy efficient and sustainable.

Ingrid Berezin the business manager for cruise and ferry at Port of Tallinn said that the idea behind the making of the cruise terminal was to fulfil the needs of the crise travellers and the residents of the city and also seeing the sustainability aspects.

“As the biggest sea gate of Estonia and the company that creates the first impression of the country, we wish to offer guests of our capital the best visiting experience while following the principles of sustainability. Opening of the seaside for the city residents and guests is just as important. We are convinced that the new terminal and pedestrian promenade will become one of the business cards of the city and a leisure time location beloved by the locals.”

Along with the multifunctional cruise terminal building, engineering networks that is needed for the service and maintenance will be built. The indoor area of the building is estimated to be 4,000 m2.

The terminal rooms will be spacious and representational. The architecture of the interior and the exterior were designed by making sure that the best possible environmental properties of the materials and inventory. Sea heating will be used to heat the building and solar panels will be used for the generation of additional energy. Glass, natural concrete, heat-treated pine and steel painted in black colour will be used majorly. In order to create a pleasant climate and a cosy atmosphere in the open rooms, live plants will put up.

A 900 metre long promenade with cycle and pedestrian roads and green areas will be built. For children and for people who like sports small squares and open shelters will also be built in it. The promenade will start from the cruise gate that is located under the building’s roof till where the North Western mole of the Old City Harbour ends.

“The architectural solution of the entire complex is truly unique. It will preserve and enrich the present historical wave protection wall and create a new landmark for guests of the city who arrive from the sea. One of the ideas planned as a part of the architectural solution is to create a new sea gate which would have an attractive architecture without covering the unique panorama of Hanseatic Old Town of Tallinn that opens for the guests of our city who arrive from the sea”, explains Ingrid Berezin.

In between the cruise seasons, the building will be utilised for organisation of events, concerts or conferences that can accommodate about 2000 people. A restaurant will also be a part of it which will be open all round the year that will provide a place for leisure time to all the passersby and the guests to enjoy the sea view.

The cruise terminal and the promenade construction offers are to be submitted by the 6th of December 2019 and the complex is planned to be completed by the summer of 2021.

The terminal’s technical solutions are based on the research that found out how more energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable techniques can be used in the building and also suit the climate of the north and will allow the usage of it between the cruise periods.


Reference: portoftallinn

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