ABS Grants AIP For First Jones ACT SOV

ABS Grants AIP For First Jones ACT SOV

ABS Grants AIP For First Jones ACT SOV

For the design of a Jones Act service operations vessel (SOV), VARD was awarded the Approval in Principle (AiP) at the International WorkBoat Show by ABS for the first time.

This AiP was related to the customized variant design of VARD 4 07 US SOV along with basic functions comprising accommodation, transferring technicians for installations and also the storage of spare parts and tools for operations in US offshore wind farms.

The design of the vessel is eco-friendly and gives priority to lower fuel consumption and simplicity of construction.

Vard mentioned that the design also includes a state-of-the-art hull form that has been designed to suit all weather conditions and along with a particular propulsion setup it provides economical steaming, improved seakeeping abilities, and excellent station keeping performance.

The Vessel is so designed that it reduces motions and accelerations in all forms of independence with the goal to raise the ease of operation and comfort.

The Vessel shall have the ABS Class notations ✠A1, OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSEL (WIND-SC), ✠AMS, ✠ACCU, DPS-2, HAB(WB.)

“ABS is supporting innovation in the development of alternative energy systems all over the world and it is a real pleasure to be helping to deliver such an important vessel here in the US, “said Matthew Tremblay, Senior Vice President, ABS Global Offshore. “ABS’ industry-leading experience in offshore oil and gas allows us to offer practical support to the emerging US offshore wind industry.”

“With our track record in SOV and offshore vessel designs and ABS’ record in the offshore sector, working together to deliver this project seemed like a natural fit,” said Darren Truelock, Vice President, Vard Marine Houston. “We already have experience supporting yards worldwide to construct our offshore vessel designs, so it is with great enthusiasm that we now start on this exciting journey with ABS in the US.”

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