Titan LNG Tenders For Newbuild 8000 Cbm LNG Bunker Barge

Titan LNG Tenders For Newbuild 8000 Cbm LNG Bunker Barge

Titan LNG Tenders For Newbuild 8000 Cbm LNG Bunker Barge

A Norwegian ship broker, Fearnleys AS has been contracted by Titan LNG for the tender of a new built LNG Bunker Barge. The Titan LNG newbuilding team has finalized the possible technical and economic evaluation.

With the Titan Hyperion, Titan LNG will be operating the 3rd barge. This will lead to an increase in security for the supply of LNG in the ARA region.

The barge will be powered by LNG and will have the capacity to carry 8000 cubic meters of LNG for offering service to LNG fuelled ships. It is scheduled to start operations in 2021.

The dimension of the barge will be 135×19 meters making it one of the largest inland waterways barges operating in the ARA region. The rapidly growing market of large LNG fuelled vessels that call on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region is seen by The Titan Hyperion.

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Ronald van Selm, CTO Titan LNG: “In the design, we have incorporated four years of lessons learned from LNG bunkering, including the FlexFueler barges and the largest LNG bunkering transfers using small scale LNG carriers in the world. Our design will enable Titan LNG to efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively deliver larger parcels of the cleanest marine fuel. The Titan Hyperion will be ideal for servicing large tankers, cruise, container, and offshore vessels.”

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The Titan Hyperion will mirror the efficient standard bunkering supply chain and this is due to the proper interaction with customers that helped recognise the requirement for more economical LNG bunkering solutions in comparison to the presently used seagoing ships. In addition to the larger bunkering operations that will be done by the barge, it will also serve as the mother ship to fill the FlexFueler’s, thus allowing better usage of all the assets of Tita LNG.

Reference: titan-lng

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