Is your marine or power plant’s operating environment cyber secured?

Is your marine or power plant’s operating environment cyber secured? 1

Cyberattacks pose one of the most significant threats to a company’s information and operation systems. Cyber risks can have significant consequences for the health and safety of operating environments as well as data integrity. Companies also need to follow national or regional standards involving regular audits, often requiring extensive support from an external partner to cover the global operating ground of regulations.

Creating a comprehensive approach to cyber security helps marine and energy industry service providers safeguard their products and the operating environment – now and in the future.

Starting from the start

Revolutionising the cyber security of operations begins at evaluating the current cyber posture, including risks and threats, and the needs of the operating environment. This paves the way for establishing a long-lasting foundation for cyber risk management.

“Assessing where your operations are in terms of cyber risks, compliance gaps and technical vulnerabilities is the first step and helps to determine what you need for maintaining secure services and products,” says Kim Eklund, Director, Cyber as a Service, Wärtsilä Digitalisation. “Once you have identified the most significant risks for your operations, you can start planning strong protective measures.”

Cyber security measures tailored to operational needs

Wärtsilä’s spectrum of cyber services ranges from risk assessment to technical controls and threat monitoring. Wärtsilä also launched recently the world’s first International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence in Singapore, consisting of a Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team and a cyber academy.

“We have a 360-degree approach to creating a safe and compliant operating environment for marine and energy companies, all the way from customised risk assessment to a cyber management system with governance,” says Eklund. “Our global knowledge and presence also set us up as a unique advisor on industry standards, an area that is vital for operational safety.”

Countering cyber risks may include facility- or vessel-specific rules and policies that can quickly be put to practice, along with different lifetime services. With the role of digital setting the norm for active planning and implementation against cyber risks, a one-stop service provider can help support the credibility of marine and energy industry services.

“The importance of maintaining comprehensive and active cyber threat resistance cannot be highlighted enough,” says Kim Eklund. “Preventive planning and laying a foundation for managing risks is a way to safe-proof your operations at every stage and avoid unnecessary costs.”

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