Maersk Launches New Visibility Tool “Captain Peter”

Maersk Launches New Visibility Tool “Captain Peter” 1

The new Remote Container Management (RCM) platform has been launched by Maersk. It is featured with the virtual assistant Captain Peter. More than 3,600 companies have signed up since it’s launch in September, 2017 for RCM and information transparency from more than 380,000 refrigerated containers that are a part of the joint fleet of Maersk and Hamburg Süd it offers.

“Over the last two years, our RCM product has proven good value to our reefer customers, but we have also identified key areas of improving such a cargo visibility tool,” explains Ken West, Reefer Digital Development Manager at Maersk. “With Captain Peter, we are significantly elevating the customer experience of working with the data and building the foundation for delivering even more advanced features around it.”

The temperature, humidity and CO2 levels of the container is watched by Captain Peter and the customer is notified if there’s something that requires attention. It has cloud based data so as to raise agility and can also be shared easily and changed according to the particular needs of the customers.

Wiskerke in one of the main customers that has been a part for the development of Captain Peter. Talking about the tracking of reefer shipments, the visibility service that is provided by the company makes it stand out.

“I choose Maersk and Captain Peter over others because I can see what is happening with my cargo. You can’t imagine the pain I’m feeling when I can’t see what is happening during the voyage,” says Chayenne Wiskerke, Managing Director of Wiskerke Onions.

Maersk is planning to continue the communication with its customers and bring in other advanced features to the new reefer platform by offering customers with the best value of their businesses by digital innovation.


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