Six MOL Operated/Managed Vessels Earn Commendations From Japan Coast Guard

Six MOL Operated/Managed Vessels Earn Commendations From Japan Coast Guard 1

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) announced that six MOL-operated/managed vessels have received commendations from the commanders of the 3rd and 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters of the Japan Coast Guard (JCG).

Vessels commended by 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters

  1. VLCC Altair Trader
  2. VLCC Yufusan
  3. VLCC M. Star
  4. LNG carrier Energy Advance
  5. LNG carrier Energy Frontier
    Vessel commended by 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters

VLCC Shizukisan
Energy Advance
The Energy Advance Image Credits:, Author: Tomari

To mark Japan Hydrography Day*1, the commanders of the Regional Coast Guard Headquarters presented testimonials to individuals and organizations that have contributed to marine information services (assisting with research related to the sea and marine information). This year, MOL’s vessels won praise for their significant contributions to the coast guard’s marine information services by providing observed data on seawater temperature and oceanic currents*2 over many years, and six of them were selected for special recognition.

Marine information provided by merchant vessels helps the JCG Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department, which collects marine information on ocean currents, tidal currents, and various other data, and in turn provides navigation-related information to vessels calling at ports in Japan.

MOL Marine Safety Division Associate General Manager Kazuhiro Kitamura was on hand for a September 12 commendation ceremony at the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, and received a testimonial from the commander of the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.

MOL takes a comprehensive approach to providing marine information services and contributing to safe ocean transport and environmental conservation in a synergistic and sustainable way.

*1 Japan Hydrography Day, September 12, marks the founding of the predecessor of JCG Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department (September 12, 1871).

*2 Sea current information: Only vessels equipped with a with specific navigational equipment can record sea current information.

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