Wärtsilä Signs 5-Year Agreement With Sapura Brazil For Fleet’s Increased Efficiency

Wärtsilä Signs 5-Year Agreement With Sapura Brazil For Fleet's Increased Efficiency

Wärtsilä Signs 5-Year Agreement With Sapura Brazil For Fleet’s Increased Efficiency

Wärtsilä, the technology group, has signed a five-year optimized maintenance agreement with Sapura Brazil, which is a company specialized in sub-sea services. In June 2019, the agreement was signed and it covers Sapura’s fleet of six pipe-laying support vessels (PLSVs). The agreement is signed in order to support the fleet’s operational performance and for increasing its efficiency and reliability by accurately predicting maintenance requirements. The operating costs will also get lower by this.

The asset diagnostics of the vessels’ main engines and thrusters are included by the Wärtsilä solution to define the actual condition of the equipment. This will enable a predictive maintenance strategy by which the servicing activities and overhauls are carried out according to the known condition of the equipment components, rather than on fixed scheduled intervals. Thus, Wärtsilä’s Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP) solution optimizes the time between major maintenance work and also increases the efficiency of the vessels’ operations. Greater utilization of the vessels will also be achieved by reducing both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

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“This agreement provides the customer with the benefits of the extensive experience and know-how we have, plus the latest predictive analytics technology. Wärtsilä is able to accurately analyze the need for maintenance on the ships’ engines and thrusters, and with our class-approved DMP concept, we can achieve the flexibility and cost savings not possible with conventional manual-based maintenance planning. The necessary work and spare part requirements can be efficiently planned and scheduled in accordance with the Sapura vessels’ utilization demand, and based on the true condition of the propulsion equipment,” says André Bosman, Director, Business and Operations Support, Wärtsilä Marine.

“This project further tightens our relationship with Wärtsilä and will deliver significant benefits to our operations. It is important to have this type of preparedness, which is focused on prevention since it allows us to feel more confident about the integrity and reliability of our equipment,” says Rogério Salbego, CEO of Sapura Brazil.

Sapura Brazil will have access to the Wärtsilä Expertise Centres with this solution to obtain full technical support for its operations. The ships covered by the agreement are fitted with Wärtsilä 32 engines and Wärtsilä transverse, steerable and retractable thrusters.

Reference: wartsila.com

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