Anglo-Eastern Leads In Digital Transformation With Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution

Anglo-Eastern Leads In Digital Transformation With Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution 1

For the digitalization of operations of the fleet, Anglo-Eastern has joined hands Wärtsilä. The technology solution that will be given to the global fleet of the Hong Kong-based ship manager that consists of over 600 vessels will help in the planning and execution of full voyage and will also keep a check on the performance of the engine and it’s fuel efficiency.

The Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) brings together the processes for the optimization of planning, weather routing, fuel consumption, and speed of a vessel.

It also helps in ship to shore reporting and helps in managing the performance of the fleet to bring down the consumption of fuel, taking into account charter party compliance, speed management, the hull, propeller and engine condition.

The main benefits of using the Wärtsilä FOS comprise a unique platform that brings together the planning station and electronic chart display and information system of the ship (ECDIS), immense cloud computing power, machine learning, data analytics, and onboard/onshore mobile applications.

“We are keen to leverage the advantages of the latest digital solutions to maximise the efficiency of our voyages and the performance of our fleet. Realising the opportunities made possible by the Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution, we look forward to contributing to the further development of the solution as an early adopter,” said Capt. Bjorn Hojgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo-Eastern.

Anglo-Eastern’s Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director of QHSE and Training added: “We believe that the Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution will further increase ship navigational safety, reduce crew workload, and improve fuel efficiency.”

“Our Fleet Operations Solution is exactly what we mean when we at Wärtsilä talk about utilising a Smart Marine approach to raise efficiencies, improve safety, and reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. We are excited to be bringing these benefits to the 600 vessel Anglo-Eastern fleet over the coming 12 months,” said Dr Torsten Bûssow, Managing Director of Wärtsilä Voyage Solutions/Transas.


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