Global Negative CO2 Cement Market 2017-2018 & Forecast to 2022 – The Blue Ocean of Growth –

Global Negative CO2 Cement Market 2017-2018 & Forecast to 2022 - The Blue Ocean of Growth - 1

The scope of this report covers various types of products available in the global market for negative CO2 cement and their potential application across various industries and sectors. The market is segmented by type into magnesium oxide-based cement, iron oxide-based cement, fly ash-based cement, high activation grinding based cement, geopolymer cement and calcium carbonate cement. Revenue forecasts from 2017 to 2022 are given for each type, application segment and regional market with an estimated value derived from manufacturers’ total revenues.

The Report Includes:

  • An overview of the total market opportunity and analysis of the technology by type, the growth drivers and the global regulatory frameworks for the nascent negative CO2 cement
  • Growth prospects and market based projections for the technologies fueling the negative CO2 market including cements formulated with magnesium oxide, iron oxide, fly ash, high activation grinding, geopolymer and calcium carbonate
  • An estimate of the market performance from 2017 to 2023 applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, marine infrastructure and others
  • Commentary on the market provided by Geopolymer Solutions, LLC and IronKast Technologies

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Note from the Editor

Chapter 2 Introduction

  • Study Goals and Objectives
  • Reasons for Doing This Study
  • Scope of Report
  • Methodology
  • Geographic Breakdown
  • Roadmap of Negative CO2 Cement Market
  • Investment Analysis
  • What the Industry is Saying
  • Analyst’s Credentials
  • Custom Research
  • Related Research Reports

Chapter 3 Industry Overview and Market Estimates

  • Negative CO2 Cement: Concept Overview
  • Regulatory Framework
  • China
  • India
  • European Union
  • U.S.
  • Market Estimates and Growth Prospects
  • Types of Negative CO2 Cement
  • Magnesium Oxide-Based Cement
  • Iron Oxide-Based Cement
  • Fly Ash-Based Cement
  • Energetically Modified Cement/High Activation Grinding Based Cement
  • Geopolymer-Based Cement
  • Calcium Carbonate Cement
  • Applications for Negative CO2 Cement
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Others
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Analysis by Region
  • Negative CO2 Cement vs. Portland Cement
  • Negative CO2 Cement vs. Alternatives
  • Future of the Market
  • Strategies of Major Cement Manufacturers

Chapter 4 Company Profiles

  • Geopolymer Solutions, LLC
  • IronKast Technologies

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