Grimaldi Group Chooses Silverstream Air Lubrication For New Paradigm Of Green Vessels

Grimaldi Group Chooses Silverstream Air Lubrication For New Paradigm Of Green Vessels 1

Silverstream Technologies, the pioneers of air lubrication technology for the shipping industry, has signed a major new deal with Italian shipowner Grimaldi Group SpA, the company announced on 28th August. The agreement will see the Silverstream® System, Silverstream’s proprietary air lubrication technology, installed on 12 cutting-edge, hybrid Ro-Ro vessels that are being built over the next three years.

The technology, which produces a thin layer of micro-bubbles for the flat bottom of the vessel, will be an integral part of the new design’s portfolio of emissions and fuel reduction measures. Air lubrication reduces the frictional resistance between the water and the hull, improving operational and environmental efficiencies.

Silverstream expects that the system, which will last the lifetime of the new vessels, will reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions. Additionally, the Silverstream® System has been designed to provide continuous reliable performance and is simple to operate and maintain.

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Grimaldi’s Green 5th Generation (GG5G) vessel project was conceived over the last year in conjunction with Danish naval architect Knud E Hansen. The vessels will emit zero emissions in port following the installation of lithium batteries, and, in addition to Silverstream’s technology, will also be fitted with solar panels and scrubbers to further reduce emissions.

Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director, Grimaldi Group said: “I am pleased that the Silverstream® System will form the centrepiece of our pioneering new Ro-Ro vessels. The GG5G project always set out to create a new paradigm in ship design and demonstrate to the whole industry what is possible in terms of driving sustainability with proven solutions already on the market. In signing this deal with Silverstream, we have shown that a more sustainable future for shipping is not just possible, but is closely within our grasp.”

Dario Bocchetti, Head of Corporate Energy Saving and Innovation Dept at Grimaldi, commented: “Grimaldi’s commitment to sustainability is unparalleled within the shipping industry. This deal with Silverstream demonstrates that the time for innovative solutions to shipping’s problems is upon us. The reduction of fuel costs and associated emissions is central to Grimaldi’s aims as a progressive, forward-thinking company, and we are extremely pleased that Silverstream will help us fulfil those goals.”

Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies said: “This agreement marks an important milestone in the continued proliferation of air lubrication technology in the shipping industry. With major environmental regulatory challenges on the horizon, it is important to see key players like Grimaldi stepping forward and proving that solutions to reduce fuel costs and emissions are already available on the market. We believe that this deal has thrown down the gauntlet for other shipowners, and sends a message that real savings can be realised through the application of credible and proven clean technologies.”

The Grimaldi Group expects the first of the new vessels to be completed in May 2020 and become operational by Q3 2020 on Mediterranean ro-ro trade routes.

Press Release: Silverstream Technologies

Photo Courtesy: Silverstream Technologies

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