IMO Launches Online Tool To Smooth Reporting Formalities

IMO Launches Online Tool To Smooth Reporting Formalities 1

The Organization has made the tool that is used by software developers for the creation of systema for the exchange of data electronically, available online and free of charge.

Bringing together the various administrative procedures thata are required when the ships enter or leave the port is a key part of the work of IMO.

The IMO Compendium is a reference manual that has data sets and structure and the relationship between them. This will help the Member States of IMO to electronically carry out the mandatory obligation that was put into force in April 2019 about the reporting formalities of ships, cargo and people on board.

This helps in making the cross border trade simple and also better efficiency of the logistics chain for more than 10 billion tons of goods that are graded by sea annually all round the globe.

However, there are other organizations also that are dealing with electronic data exchange in maritime transport like the World Customs Organization, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the International Standards Organization. For better harmony, these organizations have aligned their own data structures with the IMO Compendium.


Reference: IMO

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