DNV GL And Huangpu-Wenchong: 200 Ships And Going Strong

DNV GL And Huangpu-Wenchong: 200 Ships And Going Strong 1

“The close relationship and comfortable communication between the two companies has enhanced HPWS’s position in shipbuilding. Building high-quality vessels that are more efficient and greener is at the core of our strategy, and DNV GL’s industry expertise, technical support and services have proven a great match. This milestone underscores the mutual benefit of our partnership, and gives us encouragement to further strengthen our relationship,” says Chairman Chen Zhongqian of Huangpu-Wenchong Shipyard.

“DNV GL’s cooperation with HPWS has been long and fruitful, and the 200th ship milestone is proof of this,” says Norbert Kray, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager for Greater China in DNV GL. “We have been through many developments together, and we have maintained our trusting relationship through the good and the tough times.”

DNV GL has also assisted HPWS in their progress toward building new and more sophisticated ship types. “DNV GL’s technological expertise and broad experience have been invaluable to HPWS when building more advanced vessels,” says HPWS Chairman Chen Zhongqian. “There are many challenges and new technologies to be considered when moving into different vessel types, and we have shortened development time considerably by leveraging DNV GL’s technology.”

HWPS and DNV GL will also sign a strategic cooperation agreement at SMM 2018. According to the agreement, both parties will work to further strengthen their collaboration on ship design and shipbuilding. DNV GL and HWPS aim to contribute to the future development of shipbuilding technology and markets and agree that a comprehensive cooperation mechanism will help to strengthen communication and cooperation from both companies at all levels.

While feeder container ships will continue to be HPWS’s key product, the shipyard plans to explore other markets and increase investment in research and development to expand their strategic ship types, including 3,000 and 3,500 TEU feeder container ships, LNG/diesel dual fuel feeder container ships, more intelligent and electric powered ships, dredgers, multi-purpose heavy lift ships, and fishing vessels.

“Our relationship to HPWS has grown and developed over more than 20 years,” sums up Norbert Kray. “Now we look forward to helping them branch out into new ship types in the future.”

Ship number 200
The 200th DNV GL classed vessel from Huangpu-Wenchong, a 2,750 TEU container feeder, features many of the most modern technologies for efficiency and emissions reduction, including:

  • DNV GL ECO-Insight vessel performance monitoring system to ensure efficient operation and monitoring
  • ECO Hull design optimized for class-leading fuel efficiency
  • Innovative bow design and ESD fittings to improve energy
  • Breakbulk capacity integrated into container ship design
  • Navigation systems with network ability will allow remote monitoring of the vessel’s navigation and machinery operations in real time in the future
  • Enthalpy Wheel Heat Recovery HVAC system
  • VFD Controlled Main Cooling Sea water system
  • Exhaust Gas heat recovery from Auxiliary Engines
  • LED lighting throughout the vessel

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Photo Courtesy:  dnvgl.com

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