10 Unbelievable Facts About The Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis City

The Lost City Of Atlantis has been capturing the imagination of people and researchers for centuries. There are many myths and theories regarding this mysterious city about which there is no historical evidence. Even without any reliable information – written or otherwise, Atlantis has managed to become a part of popular culture.

10 Unbelievable Facts About The Lost City of Atlantis

Here are some of the myths and facts about the lost city of Atlantis.

1. What is the legend of Atlantis?


The legend of the lost city of Atlantis is one of the most popular and interesting legends of the sea. Atlantis is a possibly fictional island that was initially mentioned in the works of Plato, a Greek philosopher. Plato was known to talk truth about human conditions at his time. All of his works were real and practical. It is due to this reason that some people believe the legend of the lost city of Atlantis to be true even 2,300 years after his death.

The story of Atlantis was first told around 360 B.C. It was described as a utopian civilization that was created by half God and half-humans. Atlantis was a great naval power. It was made of concentric islands which were separated by moats. They were linked together by a canal that stretched to the center. The islands of Atlantis contained a lot of gold, silver, and other precious metals. It was also home to rare wildlife. The capital city lied in the center of the island.

According to the legend, the city of Atlantis sank into the sea as it was hit by a giant earthquake, volcano, or tsunami. Plato stated that Atlantis existed around 9000 years before he was born and that the story had been passed down for generations. However, the only sources of information about Atlantis available today are Plato’s writings.

2. Location: Where is it situated?

Map of Atlantis
Map of Atlantis

The legend of the lost city of Atlantis has been known for centuries. It is believed that the city of Atlantis sank into the sea as a result of a huge earthquake or tsunami. We know about the glory and the lavishness of the city. What is still unknown to us is where exactly this legendary city was or is situated.

Many theories have been put forward about the location of the city. Some theories say that it was located in the Mediterranean. Some say that it was off the coast of Spain. Some even say that it lies under what we know today as Antarctica. Some say that it lies somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Several places like Azores were believed to be the location of Atlantis for many years. Others say that it is present somewhere between Spain and Morocco, in a region called Cadiz. Actually, there is not a single place on earth where Atlantis has not been believed to be located.

The truth is, we do not even know if the city of Atlantis existed for real or if it is just a story. It is one of the greatest mysteries at sea.

The theory of continental drift that started coming to the public in the 1960s also made the chances of the existence of a lost continent geographically bleak.

Still, many people believe in the legend even today.

3. How big was Atlantis?

As one of the biggest mysteries at sea, Atlantis has attained the curiosity of people all over the world. As stated before, the only source of information that we have about Atlantis is whatever Plato had written. Hence, some of the questions that people had have been answered, and some have not. For example, we know how the city of Atlantis came to human knowledge, but we do not know its exact location or size.

According to what Plato wrote thousands of years ago, Atlantis was an island that was larger than Libya and Asia combined. Travelers at that time could get to other islands by crossing Atlantis.

If we consider today’s geography, it is unlikely that Atlantis could be bigger than today’s Libya and Asia together. Many people who believe Atlantis lies somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea say that the island of Atlantis is as big as Crete which is the largest island of Greece.

Atlantis is quite often described as a giant city, but the size is not specified correctly. According to some, Atlantis is as large as Eurasia.

Again, we do not know if the city of Atlantis actually existed and so we cannot determine if size. All our information about it comes from mere theories and assumptions.

4. How was Atlantis Built?

Lost City of Atlantis
Lost City of Atlantis

According to the legend, Poseidon, the god of the sea, storms, and earthquakes built the city of Atlantis. This was because he fell in love with a woman named Cleito who was a mortal that is, a human. The city was made on the top of a hill on an island on the sea. The island was completely isolated. Poseidon did so for Cleito’s safety.

It is believed that before Poseidon built the city of Atlantis, he traveled the whole world to find the biggest island ever. When he saw an island, which was the biggest of all (Atlantis), he discovered that the people living on the island were more beautiful and intelligent than the people in the rest of the world. It was on Atlantis that he met and fell in love with Cleito. Cleito later became his wife.

5. The Palace of Captivity

The city of Atlantis was built by Poseidon for Cleito, a human that he had fallen in love with and later married. The city was surrounded by many rings of water as well as land. It is believed that there were five rings of water. Five tunnels connected the water to the land. There was also a huge canal that connected the rings of water to the ocean. These tunnels were so large that they could easily accommodate ships. Every route to the city was guarded. There were gates and towers built to guard the city of Atlantis.

The rings of water were surrounded by tall walls. The walls were built using rocks of red, white, and black. They were also decorated with precious metals and stones.

There was a tall hill called the Hill of Cleito. It is believed that Poseidon captivated his wife, Cleito, on the hill which was highly guarded and surrounded by tall pillars and huge moats. He did so because he did not trust Cleito’s loyalty to him.

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6. The Statue of Poseidon

Poseidon - the god of the sea, storms and earthquakes built the city of Atlantis.
Poseidon – the god of the sea, storms, and earthquakes built the city of Atlantis.

As stated before, Poseidon built the city of Atlantis for a human that he fell in love with and later married. Poseidon and Cleito had five pairs of sons together. Of the ten sons of Poseidon and Cleito, the eldest one was named Atlas. Atlas later went on to become the first ruler of the city of Atlantis.

Legends said that a temple and a colossal statue of Poseidon were built in the city. The statue was completely built-in gold. It showed Poseidon riding a chariot that was being carried by winged horses.

The temple had spirals going as high as the clouds, and the statue was placed at the top of it.

This showed the wealth and glory of the city of Atlantis that may have once existed in reality. The same has been depicted in many books and movies.

7. The Glory of Atlantis

Géza Maróti's Atlantis City
Géza Maróti’s Atlantis City

The city of Atlantis that Poseidon built for his wife was one of its kind. It had a massive statue of Poseidon made of pure gold which demonstrated the wealth that existed in the city.

Half-god and half-human beings inhabited the city. Atlantis was extremely fertile and beautiful. It is believed that it was a self-sufficient city. People reared animals and cultivated their food. Farmers grew crops in the fertile plains of the beautiful city. There also existed an irrigation system that was quite advanced and ahead of its time. It was also very well maintained.

The architecture in the city was exemplary. Beautiful buildings and other architecture were built using black and red stones and even precious stones and metals.

They had access to the rarest of metals and alloys such as brass. They also used crystals extensively for various purposes like experiments or even just for leisure.

It was indeed an architectural and legendary wonder which is rightly described as a utopian world in many myths.

8. Beliefs about Atlantis

Was Atlantis Built By Aliens?
Was Atlantis Built By Aliens?

The legend of Atlantis became so popular that people carried out excursions to find it. It was never really discovered, but many people still believe that it does exist despite geographical theories suggesting otherwise. A researcher named Edgar Caycehead has something very different to say about this. He said that the lost city would rise once again just like the sunrise up. He said that it would rise in the form of new land. He also believes that the souls of the people who once lived in Atlantis would bring in a new era of enlightenment for human consciousness.

Some stories suggest that the people who lived in Atlantis had extra-terrestrial origins and that they came to the earth from the Lyrian star system. They came to the earth about fifty thousand years ago, and they were much taller and fairer than the original inhabitants of the Earth. They could live for as long as 800 years. In simple words, there was a much stronger and longer-lasting form of the human race.

Some people also say that the Lost City of Atlantis existed on Mars. It may have also been a colony of an alien civilization. The people of Atlantis had exceptional powers and abilities. For example, they could control the weather, modify volcanic eruptions, and could also channel energy from time and space. This could, however, be a myth to explain the lavishness and glorious lifestyle of the people living in Atlantis.

Over the years, historians and archaeologists have given many theories regarding the lost city, but we do not have any evidence to confirm any of these theories.

Many authors have tried to explain their views about Atlantis in their books. They have also been many films that were based on the lost city of Atlantis and what may have happened to it that it sank or rather disappeared. The most popular among these theories is that a natural disaster hit the city like a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, or an earthquake.

9. Was Atlantis Real?

Plato was known for writing things that were realistic and practical. Hence, when he wrote about the lost city of Atlantis people believed that this was true as well.

Some people claim that they have an explanation for this legend, but none of these explanations has been proved or accepted yet. An explorer once claimed that a massive volcanic eruption that took place in the past on the island of Santorini, Greece what quite similar to the one mentioned in the legend. He also said that he had studied about an ancient society living on that island which was very advanced and ahead of its time. This was quite similar to the story of Atlantis.

Another explorer confirmed that an island or rather a continent once existed but later disappeared in the exact location that Plato gave as the location of Atlantis.

Several researchers like these claim that Atlantis was indeed a real city.

10. What may have happened to Atlantis?

Many theories exist that try to explain how Atlantis came into being and where it could be located.

Similarly, there are a lot of theories that try to explain what may have happened to Atlantis if it existed.

Some theories say that Atlantis what hit by a natural disaster like an earthquake, a tsunami or a volcanic eruption which resulted in the city sinking under the sea.

Some theories also say that the people living in Atlantis were highly advanced and lived in a utopian civilization, but they soon became greedy and lost common human values. As a result, the gods became angry and punished the people of Atlantis by sending “one terrible night of fire and earthquakes” over the city and eventually destroying it completely.

Despite all this, we know almost nothing about the existence of this legendary city, where it was or is located, how it was destroyed, why it was destroyed and if it existed for real. The lost city of Atlantis will always remain a mystery.

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