Top Marine Careers – Sea Jobs On Ships

Top Marine Careers

The modern world provides great opportunities for the generation to choose their careers. Gone are the days when the only career options available for the youth were in the field of mathematics or science. Nowadays, there are many careers in designing, communication, arts and other technologies that are just as well-received and respected as careers in engineering or medical science. One such field is the marine industry which provides a variety of career opportunities of various kinds. Sea jobs are uniquely different and better paying than most of the jobs that people usually opt for. Marine careers are something that youth should consider for a life full of adventure and monetary stability.

This article talks about the different sea jobs options that the maritime industry provides.

51 Lucrative Marine Careers & Sea Jobs

Following are 51 of the many ship jobs options available in this field. They have been briefly described.

1) Marine Engineer


Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with boats and ships. It includes repairing, designing, operating and maintaining of ships and the equipment used in it. It deals with the technical aspects of ships and is one of those branches of engineering with the most scope. Read here on how to become a marine engineer.

2) Naval Architect

Naval Architect
Naval Architect

naval architect is a person who deals with the architecture of ships. Naval architecture involves planning and designing ships and other vessels. This is a different branch of architecture which has several opportunities.

3) Ship Fitter

Ship Fitter
Ship Fitter

A ship fitter is a person who repairs and maintains a ship under the guidance and supervision of a senior officer. This person is usually a civilian. He usually fixes ships by welding, underwater welding or riveting.

4) Ocean Engineer


Ocean engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the construction of ships as well as their planning and designing. This takes place offshore. This is one of the most sought-after branches of engineering.

5) Bosun


A bosun is a person who is responsible for the equipment and the crew of the ship. He is an officer on the ship. This person also provides assistance for the smooth operations of the ship. He is also the leader of the crew department.

6) Oil Driller

Oil Driller
Oil Driller

An oil driller is a person who deals with all kinds of drilling activities taking place offshore vessels or even on oil rigs. He is the in charge or the leader of the team during the drilling. He usually monitors or supervises the process.

7) Cargo Engineer

Cargo engineering is a career in the transport sector of the marine industry. A cargo engineer’s work involves loading and unloading cargo comping from transport ships from all over the world. He supervises these processes.

8) Gas Engineer

Gas engineer
Gas engineer

Gas engineering is a branch of engineering related to the oil and gas industry. A gas engineer supervises matters related to oil and gas and their drilling. This is an offshore career which demands great mental as well as physical abilities.

9) Ordinary Seaman


Ordinary Seaman is actually a rank in the Navy. It is the lowest rank of any sailor. An ordinary seaman usually performs work in the deck department of the ship. This career can be called as the beginning of any career as a sailor at sea.

10) Shipping Freight Broker

A Shipping Freight Broker is a company or a person who is a mediator or a negotiator between shippers and asset carriers. In simple words, a shipping freight broker acts as an intermediate between the ones who want to ship cargo and the ones who have the ships to transport it. This is a very rewarding career.

11) Cruise ship designer

As the name suggests, a cruise ship designer is a person who designs large and luxurious passenger cruise ships. This is one of the highest paying careers in the field of shipping.

12) Jobs Ashore

This is also an available career option for the people who are already in the shipping industry. Those who no longer wish to sail or be at sea for several months a year can quit sailing but still be a part of the industry by settling ashore and assisting onshore tasks like officiating.

13) Shipwright

In the simplest words, a shipwright is similar to a shipbuilder. He or she designs and builds large ships and marine vessels. This is a specialized field.

14) Roughneck

A roughneck is a person who usually works on oil drills. This job requires a lot of manual labor. It is quite similar to a laborer on shore.

15) Pumpman


A pump man is a member of the deck department of a ship. Pumpmen usually work on oil tankers. They are generally unlicensed.

16) Jobs on Yachts

Yachts are small sailing boats which are generally used for racing or cruising. There are several kinds of jobs available on yachts like stewards, chefs, deckhands etc.

17) Shipyard Jobs

As the name suggests, shipyard jobs involve working in shipyards. Shipyards are the place where the building and repairing of marine vessels like ships, yachts, military vessels, container ships, etc. take place.

18) Motorman


Motormen perform several tasks onboard a ship. This includes maintaining and repairing the engine room, inspecting equipment like turbines and pumps, lubricating machinery etc.

19) Maritime Consultant

Maritime consultants are the people who have a lot of experience and expertise regarding trade routes. They provide assistance and advice to companies and individuals involved in Marine businesses like transport or maritime security.

20) Tool Pusher

Tool pushing is also an occupation that deals with oil drilling. A tool pusher directs the drilling of oil rigs and supplies the necessary equipment during the same process.

21) Wiper

A wiper is the lowest rank of a person working in the engine room of a ship. A wiper usually cleans the different machinery in the room and assists his senior engineers.

22)Maritime Security Jobs

Maritime security officers deal with maintaining peace and security on board ship and protecting the passengers of the ship from piracy activities or even physical fights that may arise between people on board. They are generally employed by private companies known as Maritime Security Companies.

23) Hydro Graphic Surveyor

Hydrography is the study of the geography and geophysics of the oceans. Hydrographic surveyors are required by many marine corporations in order to plan sea and trade routes for their vessels.

24) Shipping Broker

A shipping broker is a person who deals with the buying and selling of ship and different shipping cargo. It is quite similar to a normal broker. This is a financial career. It forms a great part of the global shipping industry. A shipping broker usually acts as a negotiator between the buyers and sellers of ships. There are several shipbroking centers worldwide.

25) Tugboat Jobs

Tugboat jobs are the jobs that involve both sailing at sea as well as working on the shore. Tugboats are the people who help moving ships and other vessels in ports or canals. They also involve offshore oil rigs and ship repairing.

26) Shipbuilding Engineer

Shipbuilding engineering is a branch of engineering that involves designing and constructing ships and other vessels. A shipbuilder requires proper four-year training in order to work on such a project. This is similar to any other branch of engineering.

27) Marine Environmental Management

Marine Environmental Management is a branch of management that deals with the management of marine life and ecosystem. Sea life faces issues like degradation, pollution etc. and this branch of management tries to control it.

28) Unique Marine Careers in Science

There are a lot of interesting and unique marine careers today. These involve Ocean Engineering, Marine Biology, Marine Mammal Training, Researching, Scuba Diving Instructor etc.

29) Barge Engineer


Barge Engineers are engineers that perform several tasks onboard a ship related to the oil industry. They try to ensure that the ship, along with all its equipment and machinery, runs smoothly.

30) Underwater Photographer

Underwater Photographer
Underwater Photographer

As the name suggests, an underwater photographer is the one who clicks pictures of underwater or marine life. This career is useful for research and for television channels like Discovery or National Geographic that try to explore marine life. It is also one of the most interesting of all careers.

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31) Electro-Technical Officer

Electro-Technical Officer
Electro-Technical Officer

As the name suggests, an electro-technical officer deals with the electric and technical aspects of a ship. This job involves understanding and maintaining different equipment present on the ship. It requires a lot of knowledge about electrical gadgets and technology.

32) Aquaculture

This is another interesting career option for people who are interested in fishes and sea life. Aquaculture deals with the rearing of aquatic animals. It also involves the cultivation of aquatic life like underwater plants for food.

33) Ship Banker

Ship bankers are people in the marine industry who deal with financing and banking and offer such services to maritime companies. They deal with all the commercial factors of the shipping industry.

34) Underwater Exploration


Underwater Exploration or deep-sea exploration is a career that deals with finding out more about marine life and the sea. This career has recently become popular due to advancement in science and technology. This career is also useful for research and for television channels like Discovery or National Geographic that explore, and broadcast shows related to marine life.

35) Maritime Reporter

A maritime reporter is a reporter who deals with reporting news related to the sea or the marine world. This is also a very unique form of journalism. It also involves a lot of exploring.

36) Radio Officer

Radio Officer
Radio Officer

A radio officer is a person who deals with everything related to communication and tracking onboard the ship. This career is actually disappearing now because of the advancement in science and technology. Nowadays, computers and satellite communication systems can do everything related to communication and we do not need a special employee for it.

37) Jobs in Ship Galley

A ship galley can be called the kitchen of a ship. It is the place or compartment on a vessel where food is cooked and prepared. Most cruise ships demand people especially chefs, waiters and others with experience with food to work in their galley. It can also be considered as a part of the hospitality department of the ship.

38) Shipper

A shipper is a person who deals with all the formalities that come along with cargo that needs to be transported. It is the responsibility of a shipper to ensure that the cargo is going to its correct destination and reaches it without any delays or accidents.

39) Shipping Agent

 Shipping Agent
Shipping Agent

The job of a shipping agent involves dealing with the different kinds of transactions of ships that visit different docks. He acts as a representative of the owner of the ship and carries out all the necessary formalities.

40) Marine Archaeology


Marine archaeology is the study of the history of the marine world. These archaeologists try and find out more about the undiscovered regions of the sea such as treasures. This is a very interesting and upcoming field as the marine world has a very rich history.

41) Ship Chandler

Ship Chandler
Ship Chandler

A Ship Chandler is a person on board the ship who deals with the supply of all the necessary commodities to the people on board the ship. He also comes under the hospitality department.

42) Subsea Engineer

Subsea Engineer
Subsea Engineer

A Subsea Engineer is a person who mainly deals with the digging of crude oil and gases from reserves. For this, he or she uses the latest technologies. This career is a part of the offshore industry.

43) Stewards

Ship Stewards
Ship Stewards |

Stewards fall under the hospitality department of ships, especially in cruise ships. They help the passengers and the officers of the ship with basic amenities to make their journey smoother. They are similar to air hostesses found on aircraft.

44) Marine Biologist

A marine biologist from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary uses a glue gun to reattach a piece of living coral broken lose when a boat went aground on the shallow coral reef.
A marine biologist from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary uses a glue gun to reattach a piece of living coral broken lose when a boat went aground on the shallow coral reef.

Marine biology deals with studying and researching the living organisms in the sea and ocean. Marine biologists are required for several purposes like reporting, researching, marine environmental management, ships building or even for government purposes.

45) Maritime Lawyer

Maritime Lawyer
Maritime Lawyer

A maritime lawyer is a lawyer who is involved with maritime laws and rules and regulations that might be related to shipping, cargo or even cruise ships.

46) Navy Nurse

Navy Nurse
Navy Nurse

This job is usually for female candidates. The candidates applying for this job are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a nursing license. Navy nurses provide medical assistance to those present onboard the ship during a voyage.

47) Boat Mechanic

Boat mechanic
Boat mechanic

A boat mechanic is a person who repairs boats, installs necessary equipment and machinery and carries out an inspection of the boat periodically in order to ensure a smooth run.

48) Ship Superintendent

Ship Superintendent
Ship Superintendent

The work of a ship superintendent involves the repairing and maintaining of a ship. He or she supervisors the repairing of a ship and ensure that it is done in an efficient manner.

49) Maritime Underwriter


Maritime underwriters are the people who provide marine insurance to people. They make sure that the client gets financial protection from unpredictable causalities that may occur during the journey of a ship.

50) Cruise Ship Captain

Top Marine Careers - Sea Jobs On Ships 1
Captain Henrik Loy stands in front of Ovation:

A cruise ship captain is a person in charge of a large cruise ship. He is naturally the most important crew member on board the ship. He ensures that the ship is working properly and also makes sure that all the passengers of the ship are happy and satisfied.

51) Marine Researcher


Marine researchers are people who are required to carry out research related to the aquatic world. They also carry out tests in laboratories for the same. Oceanographers or marine biologists can also be qualified as marine researchers.

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