Lloyd’s Register Approved By New DSME Gas Tank Technology Approved

Lloyd’s Register Approved By New DSME Gas Tank Technology Approved 1

Lloyd’s Register has approved new prismatic IMO Type B independent cargo tanks, so-called ACTIB (Aluminium Cargo Tank Independent Type B). The initial approval is for use in a DSME-developed 210,000 m3  STD LNG-RV design in accordance with LR’s Guidance notes for liquefied gas carriers and floating offshore installations adopting IMO Type B independent tanks primarily constructed of plane surfaces.

The Approval in Principle (AiP) follows a one year period of development and collaboration between DSME and Lloyd’s Register. An evaluation for the next step – General Approval – has also been completed by Lloyd’s Register.

The ACTIB tanks are constructed of insulated aluminum 5083 and will have the world’s largest storage capacity in an independent, insulated LNG tank system. The volume capacity in the initial design will be nearly three times larger than comparable types currently in operation.

One of the main benefits of ACTIB is the potential for safe and more flexible operations in part filled conditions as the structural arrangement can be designed to withstand sloshing. So, as well as application in the DSME designed 210,000 m3 volume LNG carrier, the tank will be of particular interest for wider use in LNG shuttle tankers, LNG FPSOs as well as LNG-as-fuel tanks where partial fill is a critical operational issue.

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