Who Is A Marine Consultant? Eligibility & Pay

Who Is A Marine Consultant? Eligibility & Pay

Who Is A Marine Consultant?

A Marine consultant is a professional working in the maritime industry who offers his expertise and advice in various aspects such as planning and design of nautical facilities such as ports, shipyards, and terminals or devising optimized trade routes or solutions to various problems/issues of the companies or individuals in the industry.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Marine Consultant?

Marine or Maritime consultants are proficient in advising and putting forth the right norms to improvise today’s shipping industry concerns. Over the past few years, there has been an increased concern on not only improving performance but also energy efficiency and environmental standards.

These professionals provide a range of business solutions, advice, and support for clients of all kinds engaged with maritime-related projects.

Marine consultants also suggest better trade routes along with helping in boosting the income and profitability of corporations engaged.

Marine consultants should be able to study and analyze the details of the given issues from the perspective of both the concerned party and the environment, any other factors to avoid any disturbance i.e. they should not only be able to perform risk analysis but also manage change control.

The other imperative roles of a marine consultant or marine engineer are

▪︎ Supervise and assist the junior marine staff.
▪︎ Inspect marine equipment and machinery at regular intervals.
▪︎ Have adequate knowledge about the economic side of the shipping/maritime industry.
▪︎ Provide the best and optimum solutions to the shipping industry.
▪︎ Provide apt technical knowledge of ports and marine service operations.
▪︎ Provide business analysis and look after business system designs for vital projects.
▪︎ Analyze maritime data and help in the creation and development of projects.

Academic Requirements Of A Marine Consultant

Though there are no specific qualifications required in order to become a marine consultant, a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, marine systems engineering, or marine engineering technology will provide great help if you are to deal with the technical issues too.  There are also some certification courses in a marine consultancy that will do good.

What matters more is the experience you gain. Since the shipping business tends to be multinational, you should have more exposure. If you have experience in various countries as a marine consultant then you will get preference over other marine consultants who have only worked in their native countries as the recruiters will be of the view that you have more exposure and knowledge as compared to them. You must also be fluent in a number of languages so that it is easier for people to understand what you are saying.

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What Are The Other Skills A Marine Consultant Should Possess

A Maritime consultant should have the skill to educate staff about the new standards that can be used to approach industry-related issues.

Communication skills

If you are to roam around in different countries then you must speak English fluently as it a universal language understood by almost everyone. A marine consultant should be able to deliver instructions clearly and explain complex concepts when leading teams of professionals on projects.

Problem-solving skills

Marine consultants are expected to solve the problems of clients with the help of their knowledge and experience. They are expected to devise solutions best suited for their clients. Thus, they must have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

Time management

It is very vital to design and deliver projects on time along with assisting the junior staff well. Every job demands more profit in less time. So you must be able to handle the workload and put your best foot forward.

Salary Of A Marine Consultant

A Marine Consultant can expect to earn an average of $74,000 per year or $35.69 per hour according to their experience and work. The best states in the USA for high-paying Marine Consultant jobs are Alaska, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.

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