What Are Underwater Welding Schools?

Underwater Welding

An underwater welding school sounds strange, doesn’t it? But such schools do exist and for a very important reason.

What Are Underwater Welding Schools?

Underwater welding schools train and teach the candidates to become proficient underwater welders. A qualification from a good welding school will help you gain the apt necessary and prerequisite skills so that you don’t face any problems upon joining a job.

What Exactly Is Underwater Welding?

Underwater welding, also known as hyperbaric welding, deals with the fusion of metal parts by heating the surfaces until it melts.

It takes place underwater at elevated pressure, that’s why it is called underwater welding.

Welding that takes place underwater is achieved primarily by two methods, i.e. wet welding & dry welding. In brief, dry welding involves a dry habitat like a hyperbaric chamber that protects the welder from water, whereas in the case of wet welding there is no chamber to protect the welder from water. The welder is shielded by the creation of a gas bubble which is created by the electrode when the welder strikes an arc.

Underwater welders are primarily responsible for installing and repairing rigs, pipelines usually related to the gas and oil industries along with the construction of bridges.

An underwater welder has to be an excellent diver and a proficient swimmer, it is a prerequisite skill for this sort of a profession so that he can easily encounter any problem in his work in the future.

Let us have a look at what these welding schools teach.

What Do Underwater Welding Schools Train?

It is imperative for you to choose the right academy keeping in view the factors including job placement, assistance, success rate, school’s location, fees, program length, etc. The duration of the course varies from 25-35 weeks depending on the type of institution. A specialized course can be up to 88 weeks longs.

Underwater welding may sound exciting but it is a risky job also. The underwater schools primarily focus on imparting more practical knowledge than theoretical for better appreciation and understanding of the work.

You will get exposure to the welding environment underwater wherein they will help you deal with underwater cutting and burning. They will also teach you proper ways of scuba diving into the water, make you familiar with the tools used by an underwater welder and also warn you about the dangers that lie in this field i.e. explosions, fear of drowning, electric shocks, hypothermia, etc. and thus help you know ways to avoid such hazards and be safe.

Certification as a welder is also imperative, as well as knowledge of both dry and wet welding.

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Top 8 Underwater Welding Schools Across The World

These are some of the most famous welding schools specialising in undewater.

  • Divers Institute of Technology
  • Santa Barbara City College
  • National University Polytechnic Institute
  • The Ocean Corporation
  • South Central Louisiana Technical College
  • Commercial Diving Technologies
  • Hydroweld USA
  • CDA Technical Institute

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What is the Fees of Underwater Welding Training Schools?

Now, let’s tackle the elephant in the room – Underwater Welding School Cost!

The average tuition rate of training institutions offering underwater welding courses around the world is approximately $15,000, and the average cost of training in the United States is around $17,500.

In addition to tuition fees, you will also have to pay for equipment, books, traveling, and other living expenses including housing.

Salary of An Underwater Welder

The payment as an underwater welder generally increases with experience.

How much do underwater welders make?

The average underwater welder salary is $54,000 annually and $25.96 per hour.  If you are new to this profession with experience of 1-4 years then you can expect a salary package of $52,000 including bonuses, and overtime pay.

If you have a good experience of about 5-9 years then you can earn up to $98,000- 100,000. An experienced underwater welder with 10-20 years of experience can take home about $104,762 along with the other perks.

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