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Transocean Successfully Deploys World’s First Hybrid Floating Drilling Unit

Last updated on September 12th, 2020

Transocean Successfully Deploys World’s First Hybrid Floating Drilling Unit

The world’s first hybrid energy storage system aboard a floating drilling unit has been successfully deployed by the Transocean Ltd. On the Transocean Spitsbergen, the system is operational. It is engaged in drilling operations in the Snorre field in Norway.

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Patented hybrid technology helps in reducing the consumption of fuel and also helps in increasing the reliability of the rig’s station-keeping which can now capture the energy that is generated in batteries that are wasted when the normal rig operations are used. This was developed by Transocean in partnership with Aspin Kemp and Associates.

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The rig’s thrusters can be powered using this energy. It helps in reducing the fuel use by 14% when compared to normal operations which thereby result in the reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions.

The funds are partly from fuel-saving incentives from its contract with Equinor and by the Norwegian NOx Fund.

“This first of its kind hybrid power upgrade will further enhance the reliability of our operations, while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and our environmental footprint,” said Jeremy Thigpen, President, and CEO. “We are pleased and proud to work alongside Equinor to jointly identify and implement more efficient and sustainable technology to deliver high-value wells to the industry.”

Reference: Deepwater

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