Top Websites For Merchant Navy Jobs

Top Websites For Merchant Navy Jobs

Jobs in the merchant navy are some of the most sought-after jobs. A marine career is not only lucrative but also unconventional and exciting which attracts a lot of aspiring seafarers. The marine industry is a very big industry that constantly needs both skilled and unskilled workers. Even experienced maritime professionals are on a constant lookout for better ships, better work conditions, and better salaries. And for this purpose, websites for merchant navy jobs are very important.

If you actually sit and start searching for job opportunities available in the maritime industry, you will find myriad websites that feature maritime/merchant navy jobs. A career in Merchants navy is absolutely full of zest but at the same is very challenging. Hunting down the perfect maritime job in this difficult job market is not an easy task. The rate of unemployment is increasing, especially at the entry-level as the level of competition is very high.

Aspirants are ready to pay a huge amount of money to recruitment agents in order to get their dream job, in spite of the fact that there is high risk involved in this method and there is no surety of landing a maritime job. You must research the right companies given on various websites in order to be sure about the kind of company you want to work for.

You can bookmark the top websites through which you wish to apply as bookmarking will be convenient if you are to open the websites straight away without further delay.

List Of Top Websites For Merchant Navy Jobs & Maritime Jobs

Here is the list of websites featuring exclusive maritime jobs and opportunities from the shipping industry that seems to be never-ending. Here is a list of some of the best websites to search for a job in the field of the merchant navy.

1) JOB 2 SEA

JOB2SEA is an online website that displays a variety of marine jobs for interested seafarers. It is certified under the Maritime Labor Convention as an independent Hiring & Recruiting company. Its head office is in Koege, Denmark which is home to the largest Danish shipping companies, important maritime authorities, and organizations.

2) Maritime Connector

Maritime Connector has 100s of jobs and 1000s of companies. It was established in 2007 and now it’s one of the leading maritime jobs sit in the world. It undoubtedly offers the best available career tool for maritime professionals all around the world.

3) Job Ships

This is one of the main marine job websites that cover Asia. It claims to have the largest database of seafarers and also the largest community of seafarers on Facebook.

4) TOS

The website features all types of maritime jobs including on-shore and off-shore. It operates from various companies including Transport and Offshore Services People On Demand B.V. – Chamber of Commerce number 24.196.928 Transport & Offshore Services Crew B.V.,  Transport & Offshore Services Crew B.V. – Chamber of Commerce number 24.364.953, and many others.

 5) Seafarer Jobs

According to its website, it has a large pool of validated seafarers database and manages candidates’ responses with their  Personalized Admin Dashboard. The website also features a feature for fast-tracking the requirements with Seafarer Express Services. It primarily serves Asian seafarers/merchant navy professionals.

6) Maritime Union is one of the biggest platforms offering all types of jobs in the maritime industry. It is a property of Maritime Union Corporation which is registered in Belize. The website claims to promote seafarers objectively and equally to all registered companies’ names in their database within the maritime industry with the sole purpose of benefiting the job seekers’ best interest.

7) V.Crew

V.Group is known for providing ample opportunities for not only the fresher but also people who have worked for the maritime industry for a long time. The website has claimed to have given promotions to over 3,900 officers, with an extra 2,200 more people on-board their vessels.

 8) Sea Job was founded in June 2004. It is highly recognized and accepted by the Indian shipping fraternity as a professional, safe, and secure seafarers’ jobs portal. It is also a very effective advertising platform for companies and institutes in the shipping industry.

9) Faststream Recruitment Group 

The Faststream Recruitment Group was established in 1999 and employs over 100 people. According to its website and is a global people specialist in Shipping, Maritime, and Offshore Oil and Gas recruitment. They primarily serve three key maritime locations in the EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and Americas.

10) Sea career

The website is open only to genuine employers and recruiters with vacancies on cargo ships, off-shore vessels, tankers ferries, and specialized vessels, and many others including shore side vacancies within the maritime sector.

11) All Cruise Jobs

All Cruise Jobs is considered to be the biggest job portal cruise line industry with the most current cruise ship job vacancies available on the web for those interested.

All Cruise Jobs has strict registration rules for recruiters and is open only to genuine employers and recruiters with vacancies within the cruise line industry. Candidates can be confident that no employment scams are advertised here. All Cruise Jobs is a property of Webix Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales No. 07677005.

12) Viking Maritime Group

It has been online since 1988, placing people in first-class Maritime Crew Services and setting new standards for employees as well as employers all across the world. It is associated with the Holland America Line cruise ship fleet and Windstar Cruises sail-assisted vessels since 1989. It also serves leading cruise and finest superyacht clients.

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13) Rigzone

The Rigzone is an important job website when it comes to recruitments related to the oil and petroleum shipping industry. It also includes both offshore and shipping jobs. It is among one of the most active websites available online for maritime jobs.

14) Sea Job Hunt

It showcases 100s of good maritime jobs for the interested candidates in oil tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, chemical tankers, etc.

15) Navingo Career

Navingo website is a leading media company in the maritime and offshore energy industry. Apart from this, the website also displays business guides about the jobs available.

16) Marine Recruits

This website is a privately owned Maritime Recruitment Consultancy company operated by maritime specialists with extensive expertise at the highest levels in Ship Owning and Ship Management companies globally offices based in Asia, Europe, U.A.E, and Cyprus.

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17) Flagship Management

The company offers a high level of maritime experience and professionalism. Its website claims that all of its partners and associates are maritime professionals with many years of practical maritime experience at sea and ashore. The company has offices in the USA and Ireland.

18) Global Shipping Career

It’s another well-known and trusted job board dedicated to shipping, maritime, marine & offshore, and related industry jobs both onshore and sailing. It lists vacancies around the globe and recruiters have an option to seek suitable candidates from all over the world while jobseekers could seek suitable placement among universally spread employers.

19) Marine Resources

Marine Resources was founded in 2003 and is recognized as one of the best shore-based marine recruitment specialists within the marine industry around the globe. The company claims to have a 50,000 strong global candidate database and provides clients and candidates unrivaled consultancy and advice backed by personalized service and decades of collective experience.

20) Navis Consulting

This website was established back in 2010 and has managed to build up a good international reputation in the Maritime Industry as a trusted recruitment partner so that machine people are able to seize the opportunities available. It has jobs in various sectors of the industry like Commercial Shipping, Technical Shipping, Marine, Seagoing.

21) Spinnaker Global

Spinnaker Global was established in 1997. The website brings in the updated HR thinking to the maritime industry. Its recruitment, executive search, and maritime HR specialists are delivering fast and effective HR solutions tailored to the maritime industry. Spinnaker are the specialists within the maritime niche. It firmly believes that only maritime experts can understand the industry and that’s why its clients can trust them whether it’s for recruitment, search, salary benchmarking, or leadership training.

22) 7 Oceans

This website is an excellent maritime job board with hundreds of jobs added each and every day. 7 Oceans claims itself to be the biggest maritime job portal in Europe.

23) Simply Hired

This website is famous for helping millions of job seekers great job opportunities all across the world. Even though it is particularly not dedicated to only maritime jobs, it still features ample maritime jobs on its site.

24) Monster is the topmost website in the world displaying all kinds of job opportunities and other special features that will help build your CV and hence increase your chances of getting selected. Its 5 search tips- Saved Search feature, Browse feature and Site Map, Search feature, Advance Search will help narrow down your search and save you some time and effort.

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25) Nautilus International Jobs

Nautilus International is a professional organization serving, supporting, and protecting the interests of over 20,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands, and Switzerland. According to its website, Nautilus Jobs is the dedicated recruitment website for Nautilus International.

Nautilus is affiliated with the International Transport Workers’ Federation, the International Federation of Shipmasters Associations, the UK Trades Union Congress, and the Dutch-based Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV).

Nautilus Jobs has the latest vacancies across a wide range of specialties within the UK, Netherlands, and the rest of the world. It is favored by candidates and recruiters in the maritime sector with more than 11,000 unique visitors a month and over 17,000 registered users.

Members of Nautilus include shipmasters, officers, cadets, yacht crew, VTS officers, harbourmasters, river boatmen, nautical college lecturers, maritime lawyers, and even ship-based medical personnel.

26) gCaptain claims to be the world’s top-visited maritime and offshore industry news website and job board, reaching well over a half million people every month. They have almost 1500 employers and 17,000 registered job seekers.

27) Atlas 4 Jobs

The company was established in 1982. Its website provides you with maritime job recommendations based on the CV a jobseeker uploads for free. It also helps creates custom-made, comprehensive HR packages, which allows you to focus on the project without any concerns about manpower. According to its website, Atlas 4 Jobs is a no-nonsense, dependable HR service provider in the energy and marine industries with a mission to turn complex personnel challenges into transparent and secure solutions.

28) Career Builder

Career Builder is one of the biggest job sites in the world with 150m+ job applications, 140m+ resumes & social profiles, 30m+ jobs posted annually.  It also lists hundreds of jobs related to maritime, onshore, and shipping jobs.

29) Maritime Jobs

This website offers a plethora of jobs specifically for the maritime sector from Naval architects to able seamen. Apart from this, it also provides maritime job news for those interested in the latest happenings.

30) Indeed

Indeed is one of the top job sites in the world with over 250 million visitors from all across the globe every month. It offers tremendous scope for finding all sorts of jobs including the shipping industry.

31) Naukri

Naukri is a top-ranking career website based in India. It features almost all sorts of top companies in India and has several job opportunities from the shipping industry to the aspirants. They have over 6000+ jobs related to the shipping industry.


According to its website, Dice is the leading database for technology professionals, managing over 9 million profiles in the United States. The platform helps technology professionals manage their careers and employers connect with highly skilled tech talent. It offers a few maritime job opportunities as it gives preference to the technological

33) Trade Winds Jobs

TradewindsJobs is a free-to-view online job board from TradeWinds. It lists the latest maritime jobs from the major shipping companies and reaches thousands of job seekers across the world. The company specializes in mid to senior-level commercial and technical roles. It specializes in all areas of maritime recruitment their advertisements reach a dedicated international audience. They claim to have over 15,000 jobseekers visit their job portal each month.

34) Seaman Job Site

Seaman Job Site primarily focuses on maritime/shipping jobs in the Philippines, however, the website claims of listing more than 1000 job offers. You will find lots of opportunities to explore. Apart from the jobs, the website also publishes maritime news and advisories for seamen, job profiles, and other maritime tools that are essential for seafarers.

35) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking website with some amazing features not only taking job opportunities into consideration but also includes online training for various courses in demand, how to make a CV etc. It will help in an effective manner to increase your chances of getting selected.

36) Jobs In Maritime

It is one of the world’s leading maritime global job-sites and recruitment companies specializing in Seagoing and Shoreside career. They serve clients and job seekers in areas such as port logistics, fisheries, shipping, offshore energy, superyacht, and marine engineering.

37) Maritime Jobs

According to its website, the main goal of the company is to help Our main goal is on helping sailors in finding free vacancies all over the world. It was established in 2003.

Seafarers can find free vacancies on all types of positions starting from OS to Master. It offers positions on all types of vessels including tugs, DCG, offshores, tugs, and cruise vessels.

38) Maritime Recruitment

Maritime Recruitment is a useful job site for aspiring as well as experienced seafarers across the world.

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