Schottel & Ulstein To Work Together For Optimised Ship Operations With Digital Services

Schottel & Ulstein To Work Together For Optimised Ship Operations With Digital Services

Schottel & Ulstein To Work Together For Optimised Ship Operations With Digital Services

ULSTEIN and SCHOTTEL who contributes to optimizing ship operations with digital services announced that they will start cooperating to take the next step in automation and digitalization within marine operations.

Ulstein Blue CTRL, which is the ULSTEIN subsidiary, will continue as an independent company under the name Blue CTRL. Ulstein and SCHOTTEL both will own 50 percent of the shares in the company. Deliveries from the company will be based on the unique X-CONNECT ®platform.

Since 2011, ULSTEIN has been developing the X-CONNECT® platform for future marine automation. For a wide range of ship propulsion systems, SCHOTTEL has long traditions for developing control and automation systems.

X-CONNECT® is a universal digital platform for marine automation, control, and monitoring. The system consists of predefined functionality and configurable supporting the work philosophy; configure, plug and play. The new cooperation will also offer systems suitable for vessel upgrades, aside from systems for new building projects.

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“There are many similarities between our companies. We are both privately owned. This implies the possibility of long-term strategic business concepts. We believe that we have products which are highly complementary”, says Tore Ulstein, deputy CEO in Ulstein Group and continues: “Seen from the designer’s perspective, we believe that closer integration between the development of the marine platform and the propulsion system will give far better operations of the vessel. If we manage to streamline more data between the different systems on board, we can optimize dynamic positioning and operations. This again will lead to reduced fuel consumption, reduced emission hence greener operations.”

Traditionally SCHOTTEL is already present on the vessel’s bridge with propulsion control systems. Propulsion controls together with the recent development of further assistance and positioning systems have always been a strategic focus for SCHOTTEL.

“We very much look forward to this cooperation in Blue CTRL and to start the common development of intelligent systems for marine automation and digitalization. The Blue CTRL systems will not only enable us to offer our customers smarter and integrated controls for both newbuilding and existing vessels but also provide a solid system for the offering of hybrid and electric solutions. Partnerships are essential in the current market. With the independent set up of Blue CTRL, with a clear focus on the development of automation and digital services, we ensure that we continually serve our customers as the innovative and global propulsion experts,” says Stefan Kaul, President Industrial Operations & CEO in SCHOTTEL

The X-CONNECT® platform serves as the backbone for a range of products; Alarm and Monitoring System, Integrated Automation System (IAS), Energy Management, Power Management System and the BLUE BOX™.


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